Friday, January 06, 2006

Ad for Alternative Family ... or Group Marriage??

But what about the children?

The alternative families and "group marriages" we're starting to hear about, resulting from the GLBTQIP free-for-all (and further encouraged by the idea of "legal gay marriage"), bring up serious concerns about the children they will raise.

The site linked in the ad below,, has a section called the "Aunts & Uncles Program." Hmm. Could it be that a boy might need a father after all? And a girl might need a mother? (But ... could a child need two fathers and a mother?)

Classified ad in Bay Windows (Dec. 1, 2005, p. 9):

Healthy, athletic, upbeat, easy-going, lesbian, 36, MIT, Harvard, Yale MD, professionally, financially, and emotionally stable seeks gay man or couple interested in shared involvement in co-parenting a child. You must be well-educated, available to participate actively in shared care and custody, and ready to pursue parenting in the immediate future. For more information and next steps, contact ... Alternative Family Matters,617-576-6788 ...