Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Gays" Can't Answer: Where Is Statute Legalizing "Gay Marriage"?

Our policy at MassResistance is to address the issues. But we've noticed that the "intellectual elite" of their movement doesn't even try to answer some of our more pointed questions, such as:


So, while we don't like to stoop to their the level, and read their hate/intimidation blogs, we have to give the queer-activists bloggers credit for at least trying to answer this question, insipid as their attempt is. (Marc Solomon, Mary Bonauto: Where are you?)

Here is the best their bloggers can do:

The General Laws of Massachusetts carefully regulate marriage. Unfortunately for the anti folk, it did not originally consider SSM. On the other hand, Chapter 207 starts with 14 very specific Sections forbidding this or that type of marriage - bigamy, incest, underage and on and on.

It goes into the heart of marriage regulation here. The question remains, who is legally entitled to a license to marry? The bulk of the who-can laws related to the license and solemnization. Again, the General Laws are very specific about that. This reinforces the clear distinction carried over from English common law to the Bay Colony to our Commonwealth's constitution, that marriage here is a civil contract. The argument that these stupid people make about "no laws allowing for same sex marriage" is just that, stupid. Forrest was right: Stupid is as stupid does. (- Mass Marrier)

Wow, we are really convinced now that our founders intended to protect same-sex "marriage" in our Constitution! And that the Supreme Judicial Court was acting constitutionally in declaring that "Love Is Love!" And that there is a statute establishing same-sex "marriage"!

Our associate John Haskins answers this silliness from the queer activist blogosphere. Here, we print Part I of his response:
So, you have "No Patience for Stupid People"?

Well, the brains over at the offices of SLIBEC (Sodomy Love Is a Beautiful Example for Children), the world-class constitutional and pedagogical think tank running the hate blog "MassresistanceWatch", have weighed in with a truly Jeffersonian masterpiece of constitutional jurisprudence.

It is plagiarized, of course, from other puny Globe-spores sprouting and pushing out tendrils in the cold, bleak outer reaches of Internet darkness (well there are only so many talking points for sabotaging childhood and the human family and they have to be shared around). Mutant political and moral fungi (toxic ideas, not people), thrive -- like their biological counterparts -- in the absence of light. We've answered profligate and unconvincing lies before and the lesson is always the same: the root of things in such places is not the ignorance, so much as the lack of principle. Some dogmas, some people, just need the darkness of ignorance.

And it's not that we greatly dislike these people personally, obsessed though they are with slandering us for insisting that laws and constitutions have meaning. They may be delightful indeed, when taking rest breaks from
tearing down constitutional government
, instructing public schoolchildren on anal sex, terrorizing worshippers at communion, and breaking into the homes of those who disagree with them on whether children have an inalienable right to a father and a mother, or homosexuals have an inalienable right to possess children.

Likeable or not -- when not fighting for children's right to have homosexuals adopt them and teach them about families and sexual fidelity and well, about sex, -- one unavoidable observation is that the activists claiming to speak for all homosexuals in Massachusetts seem less talented, less literate, less well-read, less honest, far more fanatical, and far more humorless than any single one of the numerous homosexual friends I've had.

Here they go again, almost believing their own propaganda (one might think):

There's a wonderful post over at
Marry in Massachusetts that answers the stupid question "Where is the law in Massachusetts that allows for same sex marriage! There is no law. Show me the law!" Mass Marrier is much more kinder [sic] to these people than I would be, I think the people that are spouting this ridiculous rhetoric are just plain stupid, I mean anti-gay Gov. Romney gets it, so does the anti-everything except Christian lawyers group, The Liberty Counsel, otherwise, why would they the sue the state to stop same sex marriages from happening on May 17, 2004? DUH! ( - MassResistanceWatch)

"DUH" and double-DUH. "DUH" means we're stupid. (, actually...maybe they left out two periods and were signaling for help from other Globe-spores for more hate-lies to throw at our facts.) Facts, being objective and real and true, can be very confusing. Several of our ex-gay friends tell us, chuckling and rolling their eyes, that "D.U.H." in the sophisticated hate code of the homo-Bolshevik underground, means "Don't Understand Half-of-it." So maybe the legal juggernauts over there aren't just slipping into their familiar "Ugly! Meanie! Stupid! Duh! Nana, na nana!" Maybe they've also oiled up their rusty old Nazi Enigma machine and cleverly embedded into their hate-lies a desperate call for help from someone who can read constitutions. Here are some friendly suggestions:

Well, I don't know if it will help, but they could try reading my article a fourth and a fifth time -- slowly. A firsthand glance at the actual Massachusetts Constitution would be way too much to ask. Or they could call and make an appointment with the cleaning lady who dusts the offices of the three Supreme Judicial Court Justices in Boston who carefully explained why the Goodridge ruling is unconstitutional. (Hint: The constitution negates any policy-making by courts and very specifically voids any role they attempt to play in matters of marriage).

This word-meaning stuff is really complicated when more than four letters are involved, but there are some standout cleaning ladies at the court who can read well enough to understand that a homosexual marriage "license" based on a court ruling, a boy-Governor's Freudian terror of lady justices, and editorials in homosexual newspapers are a lot like Confederate money (hint: backed by the wrong constitution!).

It's not entirely the Governor's fault. When he came to town, no one told him that the Boston Globe of decades past is no more. The new rag in town has the same name, but there's some misunderstanding about it. You see, the reason subscriptions have plunged by 250,000 recently is that readers are realizing that this "G.L.O.B.E." is just an acronym (Gay, Lesbian Or Bisexual Extremists) for Boston's second most respected homosexual publication. People who have dealt with both papers tend to prefer the greater objectivity, professionalism and civility of Bay Windows.

Well, here's the article which apparently prompted this furious bluster and denial - and the usual insults (while accusing us of hate speech): "Mitt Romney's Constitutional Blunder: Bogus Gay Marriages" (in WorldNetDaily as: 'Conservative' Romney buckles and blunders
). It explains why these homosexual "marriages" are void. There are also other unanswerable constitutional obstacles that I did not address for lack of space.

Here's an excerpt from my WorldNetDaily piece:
"Surely someone in the conservative establishment knows that Massachusetts' homosexual "marriages" remain illegal and cannot be legal unless the Legislature passes a new law. Here is the stark reality that conservatives patting Gov. Mitt Romney on the back can't grasp: In one of the greatest executive blunders in American constitutional history, placebo-"conservative" Romney violated the state constitution and personally conjured up sodomy marriages by ordering state officials – in effect – to pretend that the Legislature had actually passed such a law. Mitt Romney, out of ignorance and sheer terror of being branded "homophobic" by the media, violated his oath of office, struck down constitutional democracy and saved our legislators their responsibility of voting..."

--John Haskins