Monday, March 03, 2008

Judiciary Committee Hearing Will Expose Lies by Mass. Family Institute, Romney, and Mainstream Media

But will the mainstream media report it? Of course not, because they don't want their LIE exposed, that "same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts."

See Gregg Jackson's excellent blog on this today at Pundit Review: Who’s Delusional Mitt?

How revealing: Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) contradicts itself on two bills regarding "homosexual marriage" before the Judiciary Committee tomorrow:

  • The first, Bill H1720 (also S918) filed by the homosexual lobby, would legalize “homosexual marriages” (changing the marriage statute to allow two people of either gender to marry) -- something never done after the SJC’s Goodridge ruling made that suggestion in November 2003.
  • The second, Bill S926, filed by MassResistance, would declare all supposed “homosexual marriages,” contracted from May 17, 2004 on, “NULL & VOID” -- since there was never any change in the statutes to permit such “marriages.”

While MFI tells its people to oppose the legalization of "homosexual marriage" in the first bill, it doesn't tell them to support the MassResistance bill. Why not?

Logically, if you oppose the first bill, you would also support the second. Clearly, if “homosexual marriage” was never legalized, such supposed “marriages” in Massachusetts have not been legal. So why not so declare them “NULL & VOID” as the bill says?

Sadly, Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) has tied itself up in knots on this one. They admit the first bill exists, and therefore they must understand that “homosexual marriage” is still not legal. So why did their hero Mitt Romney issue fraudulent “marriage licenses” to homosexual couples (starting May 2004), and order state office holders to comply? Romney was violating the Constitution by ordering his executive branch to implement a fantasy that was never made law. Only the Legislature can rewrite the marriage statute, and that was necessary before the Governor could constitutionally change the marriage licenses!

Yet MFI refuses to support the second bill, filed by MassResistance, which recognizes this reality. Don’t they want clarity in the Massachusetts marriage laws? The problem is, they can't have that -- and defend Romney's actions too.

MFI supporters must realize that they've been lied to and misled by that organization. It's a disgrace.