Sunday, March 02, 2008

"The Underground Journal" Exposes Betrayal by "Pro-Family" Leadership

With all the rumors of Romney becoming a Vice Presidential nominee, it's time for everyone to review his impeachable crimes against the Massachusetts Constitution. Check out John Haskins' and Gregg Jackson's 3-part series, "It's Not a Conspiracy. It's Just a Cover-Up" in The Underground Journal.

The Underground Journal understands what few have yet grasped, that "pro-life, pro-family conservatism has been hijacked by 'leaders' obsessed with money and power." And yes, that includes some of the "pro-family" groups here in Massachusetts, such as the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), which eagerly joined in the cover-up of Romney's constitutional violations (in his implementing homosexual "marriage").

MFI also sold out in its compromise on the VoteOnMarriage amendment wording (even claiming we could "dialogue" with MassEquality!); its failure to support the removal of the Goodridge-majority judges; its failure to support bills filed by MassResistance (including the Parents' Rights bill); and its pattern of hijacking work and research from MassResistance without accreditation, while publicly denouncing our "tone".

From the Underground Journal:
FACT: People We Trusted Are Lying To Us.

The Cover-Up for Mitt Romney Is One of the Biggest Scandals Of Our Lifetimes.

Distrust and anger toward the "conservative" elites are building among American conservatives. Donors to conservative groups, conservative talk radio audiences and voters who identify as Republicans are dwindling. Who can blame them? The "conservative" elites are failing to defend any boundary in the culture war or in our constitutions.

Grassroots conservatives sense that their real agenda is to defend their own perks. Real pro-family, moral conservative candidates are being undermined. Politicians who stand for nothing but pretend to stand for everything buy endorsements from trusted "conservatives." The grassroots are figuring out why election victories turn into betrayals on policy. There has been no greater betrayal in our lifetime than in the cover-up of Mitt Romney's actions in Massachusetts:

*Today, foster and adoptive children are given to homosexuals, and mother-father families are turned away because of Romney's blatant lie about the law.

*Romney also lies when he claims judges "forced" him to order local officials to perform homosexual "marriages." Americans needn't blindly trust Romney's lawyers. They can read the plain English that we are quoting directly from the Massachusetts Constitution. To fulfill his 2002 campaign promises to the homosexual Republican elites of Massachusetts, Romney flagrantly violated the Supreme Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that he had sworn to defend.

*Romney boasts: "Every bill that crossed my desk I came down on the side of life." However, photos of him signing his health care law – after his "conversion" -- reveal a happy Ted Kennedy and the godfathers of the Democrat mafia of Massachusetts drooling with delight.

We are witnessing a massive cover-up. But the grassroots are figuring it out: Romney seduced and outright bought the "conservative" establishment. If you have not yet figured this out you are dangerously misinformed. Three articles just posted on will prove all this to you and much more.

Part 1 reveals how the Reagan revolution and much of the pro-family establishment have been taken over by mercenaries and opportunists who are cashing in and surrendering parents' rights and religious freedom to liberals and the powerful homosexual movement. In Parts 2 and 3, at the impeachment trial of Governor Willard Mitt Romney, our Founding Fathers John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Massachusetts Court Justice Robert Paine ask Romney the shocking questions you are entitled to hear answered -- but which the conservative elites refuse to mention.

What they haven't told you WILL hurt you, your children and your grandchildren! Click
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It's Not a Conspiracy. It's Just a Cover-Up

By John Haskins and Gregg Jackson
Part 1: What are Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham and Coulter hiding about Romney? And Why?
Part 2: Impeachment of Willard Mitt Romney: Adams, Jefferson & Paine ask Romney what Rush, Sean, Laura and Ann won't
Part 3: The Impeachment of Willard Mitt Romney: Adams, Jefferson and Madison ask what Rush, Sean, Laura and Ann won't.