Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mass. House of Representatives Did NOT Issue Transgender Proclamation

The Bay Windows headline reads:
"House of Reps. offers proclamation in support of Transgender Day of Remembrance"
 (Hannah Clay Wareham, Bay Windows (11-17-09).

Problem is, the House of Representatives does not issue proclamations (though the Governor does). We just called the House Clerk who said there was no official House action along these lines on the 17th, and the House was only in "informal session" that day.  So, was the House Clerk wrong?

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has posted a congratulatory document signed by Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and two radical Reps. (Sciortino and Rushing), along with a state senator, and says the "entire membership [of the House] extends its very best wishes and expresses the hope for future good fortune and continued success in all endeavors."

Sounds like every Representative supports the transgender rights bill? and they've already essentially voted on it? Why don't they just issue a document saying Bill H1728 is hereby passed with a few signatures thrown on?

If you read the Bay Windows story closely, it sounds like a few radical Reps posed for a photograph somewhere in the State House with Gunner Scott, the female-to-male head of the Massachusetts Transgender Coalition. She loves to get her face out there.

Rep. Carl Sciortino (right), along with other Representatives and State Senators gathered at the State House on Tuesday, acknowledged the work of Gunner Scott (left) and the MTPC.
"Rep. Carl Sciortino (right), along with other Representatives and State Senators 
gathered at the State House on Tuesday, 
acknowledged the work of Gunner Scott (left) and the MTPC.  
(Source: Hannah Clay Wareham)"  - Bay Windows

"Members of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) and family members of those who have been murdered for being transgender gathered at the Massachusetts State House on Nov. 17 to witness a proclamation given in support of this week’s upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance by the House of Representatives.

"Rep. Carl Sciortino (D) offered introductions at the meeting that aimed to 'honor the celebrations and awareness happening this week' and showcase the 'very real stories of struggle and pain and mourning.' ..."