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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tim Gill's Donations to Mass. Legislators in 2004

Above: Multimillionaire Tim Gill is funding the homo/transsexual assault on America's state legislatures [photo: Atlantic Monthly]
Below: Patrick Guerriero (on right), Executive Director of Gill's PAC which bought the vote against the marriage amendment on June 14; with Arline Isaacson of Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (center) [photo: In NewsWeekly]

Tim Gill of the Gill Foundation was still into open donations to state legislators and candidates in 2004. But since that time, after the establishment of his Gill Action Fund PAC -- with former Mass. pol Patrick Guerriero at its head -- he's been funneling his money more secretively. How many little MassEquality activists have volunteered to launder his funds (and for sure, activists outside the state as well)?

Look at this list of 2004 recipients of Gill's largesse [click on "search contributions" then enter name of donor and dates]. Why don't we see Gill's name any more on the Secretary of State's records? We do, however, see his operative Guerriero running the show at the June 14 Constitutional Convention (photo above), where they buried VoteOnMarriage's amendment with Gill's money. (In the Mass. Elections Division report, Gill variously identifies his employer as: retired; philanthropist; attorney; investor; unemployed; self-employed; Quark Express, and Gill Foundation. In one entry, he is listed as Tina Gill. Maybe that explains his support of tranny causes?)

9/14/2004 $500.00 Resor, Pamela P.
10/19/2004 $500.00 O'Leary, Robert
10/28/2004 $500.00 Augustus, Edward M.
12/11/2004 $500.00 DiMasi, Salvatore F.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Fargo, Susan C.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Stanley, Thomas M.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Palacios-Boyce, Monica
09/01/2004 $500.00 Turner, Cleon H.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Canessa, Stephen R.
09/07/2004 $500.00 Sannicandro, Tom
09/08/2004 $500.00 Meoni, Paul J.
09/10/2004 $500.00 McQuilken, Angus
09/10/2004 $500.00 Sheehan Jr., Kenneth
09/10/2004 $500.00 Mazza-Moriarty, Rosemarie
09/12/2004 $500.00 Patrick, Matthew C.
09/15/2004 $500.00 Sciortino, Carl
10/20/2004 $500.00 Purinton, Timothy A.
10/20/2004 $500.00 Peake, Sarah K.
10/20/2004 $500.00 Thomas, John
10/21/2004 $500.00 McFeeley, John J.
10/22/2004 $500.00 Teahan, Kathleen M.
10/22/2004 $500.00 Peisch, Alice Hanlon
10/30/2004 $500.00 Howitt, Steven
10/12/2006 $500.00 D'Amico, Steven J.
10/20/2006 $500.00 Smith, Stephen Stat
10/12/2006 $500.00 Sandlin, Rosemary
10/20/2004 $500.00 Speliotis, Theodore C.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gill's Homosexual $Millions Coming Into Massachusetts

We've warned Massachusetts that millionaire homosexual activist "philanthropist" Tim Gill was sending $MILLIONS into Massachusetts to help overturn sane government. He's already targeted State Rep. Phil Travis (and maybe others). We're sure he'll donate massive funds to defeat VoteOnMarriage's amendment in any way he can. Remember his chief operative on this, Patrick Guerriero, is a Massachusetts boy working closely with Arline Isaacson (Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus) and the MassEquality crowd.

From today's Bay Windows, "On Snickers bars, ... and political activist Tim Gill":

Worth a read: This month’s Atlantic Monthly includes a terrific piece by Joshua Green on the state-by-state strategy of defeating anti-gay politicians taken by wealthy gays like Tim Gill. Titled They Won’t Know What Hit Them,” the piece includes an interview with the reclusive Gill, who explains his strategy of targeting state lawmakers for defeat: “The strategic piece of the puzzle we’d been missing — consistent across almost every legislature we examined — is that it’s often just a handful of people, two or three, who introduce the most outrageous legislation and force the rest of their colleagues to vote on it. If you could reach these few people or neutralize them by flipping the chamber to leaders who would block bad legislation, you’d have a dramatic effect.”Gill had a list of 70 lawmakers targeted for defeat; it included Massachusetts representative Phil Travis (who ultimately resigned rather than seek reelection). Fifty of those Gill set out to unseat lost their jobs. He’s already at work on a much bigger list for 2008.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

How Gill Foundation Buys Votes

More on the corruption of the Massachusetts Legislature by homofascist money. We've posted on these two articles before, but it's time to review them. First, the piece in Atlantic Monthly, "They Won't Know What Hit Them," on the Gill Foundation's tactics for taking over state legislatures. Note that Patrick Guerriero is clearly in charge. In Iowa:

Over the summer, [pro-family incumbent who lost] Carroll’s opponent started receiving checks from across the country—significant sums for a statehouse race, though none so large as to arouse suspicion (the gifts topped out at $1,000). Because they came from individuals and not from organizations, nothing identified the money as being “gay,” or even coordinated. Only a very astute political operative would have spotted the unusual number of out-of-state donors and pondered their interest in an obscure midwestern race. And only someone truly versed in the world of gay causes would have noticed a $1,000 contribution from Denver, Colorado, and been aware that its source, Tim Gill, is the country’s biggest gay donor, and the nexus of an aggressive new force in national politics.

Scrolling through the thirty-two-page roster of campaign contributors revealed plenty of $25 and $50 donations from nearby towns like Oskaloosa and New Shar­on. But a $1,000 donation from California stood out on page 2, and, several pages later, so did another $1,000 from New York City. “I’ll be darned,” said Carroll. “That doesn’t make any sense.” As we kept scrolling, Carroll began reading aloud with mounting disbelief as the evidence passed before his eyes. “Denver … Dallas … Los Angeles … Malibu … there’s New York again … San Francisco! I can’t—I just cannot believe this,” he said, finally....

Gill’s decision to shift away from national politics seems dictated even more by his philosophy about how to engage most effectively in politics than by the mediocre gains chalked up during the Clinton years. “If your objective is to innovate and take risks, you move faster with a small group,” Gill’s political director, Guerriero, told me. “If Columbus had needed a conference call before setting sail for America, he’d still be at the dock.”...

One component of Gill’s strategy includes courting that element of the Republican Party that’s open to compromise, while at the same time making clear that gay bashing will now come at a price. “You have to create an atmosphere of fear and respect,” said Trimpa, “and set up the proper context for them to do the right thing.”

Also, National Review exposed the takeover of the Colorado state house as more of Gill's handiwork. (See "The Color Purple: how liberal millionaires are buying Colorado's politics" by John J. Miller.):

A large number of Republicans believe that their hard times ultimately come down to a single factor: money. "We haven't seen anything like this before," says Katy Atkinson, a longtime GOP consultant. "The money factor is absolutely enormous." ... Three millionaire liberals are working the state's electoral levers. "They're trying to buy the political structure of the state," says Governor Owens. "Everywhere we look, we see their money and their resources." The ringleader is Tim Gill, the founder of Quark, a software firm; over the last decade, he has donated tens of millions to gay and lesbian causes. ...

Two years ago, Ray Martinez learned firsthand what their money can do. He was a former police sergeant and a popular three-term mayor of Fort Collins. When a state senator retired in his district, he threw his hat in the ring. "We thought he would win easily," says [former Gov.] Owens. The district is home to about one-third more registered Republicans than Democrats. But then Colorado's liberal millionaires swooped in, bankrolling slash-and-burn ads about Martinez. Many of them aired in Denver's pricey TV market--an extravagance previously unheard of in state-senate races. "You know how you hear about elections that are bought? That's what happened to me--my opponent's election was bought," says Martinez. "My campaign cost about $350,000, and the other side spent as much as $1.7 million against me."

Friday, August 11, 2006

Who Is Patrick Guerriero?

Patrick Guerriero, Exec Director of the Gill Action Fund

Mass. Homosexual Lobbyists: Conley, Shapiro, Isaacson: Bay Windows, the Boston "gay" newspaper, recently identified Guerriero (above) as part of the GLBT lobbying team in the Massachusetts State House. He joins these three (left): Bill Conley (recently arrested for solicitation); Norma Shapiro of the ACLU; Arline Isaacson, who works for both the MGLPC and teachers' union (MTA). [Team Photo: Bay Windows.]

In the aftermath of Bill Conley's arrest for solicitation, the GLBT lobby is discussing what it can get away with, and to what extent it needs to regroup. Bay Windows reports that a major new player will be joining the team: Patrick Guerriero, formerly head of the national Log Cabin Republicans, former Mass. State Rep, and former mayor of Melrose. (He was also chosen by Acting Governor Jane Swift to be her running mate for Lt. Gov., though Mitt Romney stepped in and that team never ran.)

Guerriero has just been named Executive Director of the Gill Action Fund which, according to Wikipedia, "was created in August of 2005 from the political donations of Colorado gay millionaire Tim Gill, to coordinate activities with gay rights and other allied organizations, and to embark in activities that the tax code prohibits the nonprofit Gill Foundation from performing. Gill has donated over 100 million dollars (US) to LGBT causes, either directly or through the [Gill] Foundation."

"Basically this entity will become one of the largest funders of LGBT political work in the nation," said Guerriero, who was no doubt hired in part due to his connections in this state. Now the Gill Foundation's MILLIONS will pour into the all-important Massachusetts GLBT beachhead, focusing not only on the "marriage" issue, but also on the homosexual programs in the schools.

In fact, the wording of the law establishing the new independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" specifically allows for outside, private funding of its activities. (This is in contrast to usual government agencies or school departments, whose allocations are regulated by elected representatives, giving the voters/taxpayers some control.)

From Bay Windows, "MassEquality, Caucus ponder next moves" (8-10-06):

The MassEquality coalition was formed to preserve equal marriage rights in Massachusetts after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued its ruling in the Goodridge marriage lawsuit. Isaacson, who has more than two decades of experience lobbying on Beacon Hill, oversees the team of lobbyists working on marriage equality. Until two weeks ago, Conley, as the only full-time lobbyist working on LGBT issues, formed the core of the lobby team. During an interview with Bay Windows early this year for a story on MassEquality’s lobbying efforts, Isaacson said that Conley spent “99 percent” of his time at the State House working on marriage equality. [They're definitely underplaying the time Conley spent lobbying for homosexual education and youth outreach programs.]

In addition to Isaacson, who works as a lobbyist for the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the other core member of the lobby team is Norma Shapiro, who is the legislative director for the Massachusetts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. This week, Isaacson said that other members of her team include MassEquality’s Solomon, Ann Lambert, who is a lobbyist for the ACLU, Holly Gunner, a board member of the ACLU and Patrick Guerriero, who is leaving his post as president of the Log Cabin Club at the end of this month to work for the Colorado-based Gill Foundation.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Radical Gill Foundation Funds Mass. Groups

We've noted before the Gill Foundation's funding of the most radical homosexual/transgender madness in Massachusetts (and around the country). "The Gill Foundation, established in 1994 by software entrepreneur Tim Gill, seeks to secure equal opportunity for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. The Gill Foundation is the nation's largest funder focusing primarily on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights." (See our past postings on its activities in Massachusetts here and here.)

Here's Gill's list of groups it's openly supporting in Massachusetts. (Add to this legislative campaigns, and very possibly other groups not named!) --

ACLU Foundation - Massachusetts
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
Bisexual Resource Center
Common Cause Massachusetts
CPPAX Education Fund
Family Diversity Projects
Fenway Community Health
Freedom to Marry Foundation
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders
Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation
Greater Boston PFLAG
Institute for Gay & Lesbian Strategic Studies
International Foundation for Gender Education
Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action
Massachusetts NOW Foundation
MassEquality Education Fund
Men's Resource Center of Western Mass.
NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Foundation
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Network/La Red, The
Northeast Action
Pride Zone
Project 10 East, Inc.
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice of Massachusetts
Roxbury Community Technology Center
Tapestry Health
Theater Offensive, The
Unitarian Universalist Association
United Teen Equality Center (UTEC)
Victory Programs, Inc.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gill's Millions Fund Liberal Candidates in Colorado -- AND Massachusetts?

National Review recently reported on the millions spent by homosexual activists in turning Colorado from a "red state" into -- for now at least -- a "purple state". We assert that equivalent millions are being spent in Massachusetts, and even one of the key players, Tim Gill, is the same. Also mentioned as a player in the Colorado transformation is Massachusetts' own Patrick Guerriero.

John J. Miller reports in
"The Color Purple: How liberal millionaires are buying Colorado's politics" (12-4-06) that three key moneybags are doling out the walking-around money: Gill, who made his fortune as founder of Quark, a software firm; and his allies, "heiress Pat Stryker and dotcom entrepreneur Jared Polis.... each is like a mini-George Soros for Colorado."

We have pointed out on this blog that the Gill money has got to be flowing into the MassEquality coffers in Massachusetts. The Gill Foundation's new director is
Patrick Guerriero, Massachusetts native and politician, and former national Log Cabin Republican head. The Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus's Arline Isaacson has admitted that the Massachusetts homo lobby is working closely with Patrick Guerriero.

We know first hand of many races where the homosexual lobby poured tens of thousands into little tiny State Rep. and State Senate races. MassEquality would send out ten mailings for every one from the Republican or conservative Democrat they wanted to defeat -- never mentioning "homosexual rights" or "same-sex marriage" in their postcard. Their candidate would be identified as the better candidate on all issues but that! On the bottom of the card would be a tiny acknowledgement that it was paid for by MassEquality.

MassEquality, we hear, is laying off some staff now. They are certain they've won on the marriage amendment. Anything is possible when you have the money to buy the legislature!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rep. Loscocco's Vote Worth Lots to Homo Lobby

We thought $125 was a little too low a price for vote-switching Rep. Paul Loscocco. We figured he must have made a deal for lots more . . . Sure enough, Bay Windows reports today that all the stars of the homosexual lobby were at his Tuesday fundraiser at Boston's Union Club! That would include Bill Conley (he's back!), infamous for his solicitation of college boys for "oral relief" last summer. Also present: Jarrett Barrios, Carl Sciortino, Marc Solomon. And "Republicans [RINOs] like Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei and House Minority Leader Brad Jones, both of whom support marriage equality...." Did Tim Gill cover the catering?