Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gill's Millions Fund Liberal Candidates in Colorado -- AND Massachusetts?

National Review recently reported on the millions spent by homosexual activists in turning Colorado from a "red state" into -- for now at least -- a "purple state". We assert that equivalent millions are being spent in Massachusetts, and even one of the key players, Tim Gill, is the same. Also mentioned as a player in the Colorado transformation is Massachusetts' own Patrick Guerriero.

John J. Miller reports in
"The Color Purple: How liberal millionaires are buying Colorado's politics" (12-4-06) that three key moneybags are doling out the walking-around money: Gill, who made his fortune as founder of Quark, a software firm; and his allies, "heiress Pat Stryker and dotcom entrepreneur Jared Polis.... each is like a mini-George Soros for Colorado."

We have pointed out on this blog that the Gill money has got to be flowing into the MassEquality coffers in Massachusetts. The Gill Foundation's new director is
Patrick Guerriero, Massachusetts native and politician, and former national Log Cabin Republican head. The Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus's Arline Isaacson has admitted that the Massachusetts homo lobby is working closely with Patrick Guerriero.

We know first hand of many races where the homosexual lobby poured tens of thousands into little tiny State Rep. and State Senate races. MassEquality would send out ten mailings for every one from the Republican or conservative Democrat they wanted to defeat -- never mentioning "homosexual rights" or "same-sex marriage" in their postcard. Their candidate would be identified as the better candidate on all issues but that! On the bottom of the card would be a tiny acknowledgement that it was paid for by MassEquality.

MassEquality, we hear, is laying off some staff now. They are certain they've won on the marriage amendment. Anything is possible when you have the money to buy the legislature!