Saturday, December 02, 2006

HomoFascist Thuggery Outside & Inside State House

GLBT activists are proud of their behavior seen in these videos from the November 19 State House rally. Watch the videos from a "gay" blog here.

What the mainstream media did NOT report, of course, was the verbal violence unleashed against the VoteOnMarriage ralliers, the Governor, and other speakers at that event. The effort to drown them out by rowdy shouting, chanting, booing, hissing, and name-calling was appalling thuggery.

The "proud parents" of this lawlessness, chief lobbyist Arline Isaacson and MassEquality director Marc Solomon, can be seen standing in front of the booers, looking smug and approving.

The vile behavior on the street captures the essence of the suited-up violence the homofascist lobby does inside the State House. "Constitution? What's that?"

What's amazing is that 109 Massachusetts legislators think these people deserve their respect -- and more, special privileges.