Friday, December 29, 2006

Human Events Interviews Romney

We expect better from Human Events. In their interview with Mitt Romney yesterday (12-28-06), editor Rob Bluey doesn't push Romney beyond his 1994 campaign vs. Ted Kennedy, and the Romney's letter groveling for the Mass. Log Cabin Republican endorsement that year.

Of course, we've exposed that Romney's problems are much broader, much more profound. Why didn't Bluey touch on Romney's role in starting "homosexual marriage" in Massachusetts? Why didn't he ask about Romney's "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth"?

Even on international affairs and economic issues, Romney avoids substantive answers. A typical response:

"The things I’d offer for all Americans would be similar to, I think, other great Republicans in the past and in the present. And yet in my case, I come with a little different background and different perspective, and therefore, what I’d offer would be slightly different I’m sure in some ways than others.

"The key issues we face, of course, are first, the conflict with the jihadists. This is a conflict which is going on within the world of Islam, and the jihadists are attempting to overcome the moderate, modern factions of Islam and replace them with a caliphate. It’s going to require the involvement of the U.S. as a leader of the world to help move Islam away from that kind of extremism and violence. That’s one challenge.

"Another challenge is our ability to compete with Asia. Asia’s going to be a much tougher competitor than we’ve known before. I spent my life in international business, been to Asia and, of course, other places in the world and done business there. I have a good sense how you make a nation more competitive. And that’s something that’s going to be critical."

Human Events used to be hard-hitting. (It's Ann Coulter's home publication.) So what's going on with their coverage of Romney? Bluey did post a somewhat more critical piece on 12-21, but when he has Romney on the phone, he backs down. Amazing how people cower before celebrity and power.