Monday, December 11, 2006

Two Romney Tidbits Not To Be Missed

1. Gov. Romney has issued many special “marriage” licenses to homosexual couples. Because of the special nature of these licenses, it is his prerogative as Chief Executive to refuse to issue them! Yet he gave out 189 in 2005 to homosexual couples, including (according to the Globe) to family and friends, as well as homosexual activist State Senator Barrios!

"...And in a November speech to the conservative Federalist Society in Washington DC, Romney decried the SJC decision, but also said, ''We should be open and tolerant of different lifestyles."…The applications Romney approved from same-sex couples included at least four from state legislators, including Jarrett T. Barrios, a state senator from Cambridge, members of the clergy from out-of-state, family members, and friends … " (“Some see conflict for Romney on gay marriage; Ceremonial licensing belies his opposition,” Boston Globe, 1-2-06.)

2. Romney supports homosexual couples adopting:

"Romney said he would file a 'very narrow' bill aimed at letting Catholic Charities, the social service arm of the Boston Archdiocese, and other religious groups exclude same-sex couples from their adoption programs if including them violates religious tenets. But he also noted that gays and lesbians have a right to adopt. 'I know that there will be some gay couples who will say that this could be discriminatory against us,' Romney told reporters ... 'Except that there are many, many other agencies that can meet the needs of those gay couples, and I recognize that they have a legitimate interest in being able to receive adoptive services.' The comments were softer in tone than those last week, when the governor said nothing about the legal basis for gay adoptions as he announced his plans to file the bill." ("
Romney shifts tone on gay adoption," Boston Globe, 3-14-06.)