Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Globe Suddenly Trying to Rescue Romney!

Today's article in the Boston Globe, "Romney is fast rising as a serious contender," by Peter S. Canellos (12-12-06), is an obvious attempt to rescue Romney. The Globe belatedly realized that their reporting on Romney's 1994 pandering to the Log Cabin Republicans may be doing in a candidate they'd better keep in contention!

It is journalistic malpractice that they suddenly pretend the latest developments --
MassResistance's revelations on Romney's anti-family positions and the resulting loss of conservatives' support -- have never happened! So after twelve years of trashing Romney, the Globe has suddenly been convinced by much smarter strategists on the left that he is the best thing that ever happened to the homosexual revolution, and they should put him on life support!

This piece by Canellos is life support for Romney, and it is an old propaganda trick: Ignore the huge negative news, pump out good news. And try to ride out the storm.

--John Haskins