Friday, December 29, 2006

Caution on Cloned Animal Products, But Not Social Experiments

We're not alone in having the heebie-jeebies over the idea of dairy and meat products from cloned animals. We remember the demonstrations a few years ago outside Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester. The demonstrators hoped their voices might sound an alarm over this descent into the Brave New World. But no, now the FDA has actually approved human consumption of products from cloned animals, though a moratorium is likely through 2007. (Boston Globe, "Milk, meat from cloned herds ruled safe," 12-29-06)

It's notable that liberals like Senators Kennedy and Mikulski expressed reservations. Kennedy suggests some of the science behind the safety studies might be wrong. Mikulski said that cloned animals "have not been proven safe for consumers and are a threat to [other] animals." The International Dairy Foods Association is happy there's still a moratorium. And 58% of Americans recently polled would not buy these products even with FDA approval.

If only we would be so cautious when it comes to approving other grand experiments, whether scientific or social, like embryonic stem cell research, reproductive technologies, welfare, "homosexual marriage," adoption by same-sex couples, etc.