Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Romney's Pre-Presidential-Campaign Fundraising

A few weeks ago, the Boston Phoenix ran this on Romney's "Commonwealth PAC" donors: "Romney's Real Friends; Cash Flow" (12-13-06). Romney's doled out these funds to Republican candidates in key presidential states. He's raised far less than McCain, but more of it from big-business donors.

"Romney has reported raising a total of $6.5 million, including $2.7 million in his federal committee and $3.8 million in separate state committees. (Some committees have only reported through September, others through the election.) ... Very little money flowed from the South or the Heartland, however, where traditional social values are said to dwell. The bulk came from solid blue states like Massachusetts, California, and New York — and specifically, the sinful centers of secular commerce in Boston, Silicon Valley, and New York City.

"John McCain’s federal Straight Talk America PAC, by comparison, raised $9.2 million since the Arizona Senator formed it last year. Those donations, limited to $2000 a person, came from far more individuals, including a great many within the Washington Beltway. ... Commonwealth PAC has now run its course —Romney can’t use it while explicitly running for president, which he will be doing in a few weeks."