Sunday, December 17, 2006

Romney Has NOT Shifted to Right on "Gay Rights"

The Boston Globe persists in portraying Gov. Mitt Romney as shifting to the right on "gay rights." That's because they refuse to discuss what he really accomplished for the "gay rights" movement: the implementation of homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts, and the entrenchment of radical GLBT organizations in our public high schools.

While Scott Helman ("Romney's journey to the right," 12-17-06) grudgingly acknowledges
MassResistance as the instigator of the ongoing national re-examination of Romney's positions, he does not seem to have digested the parts of our report outlining:
If this isn't forceful advocacy for the homosexual movement, we don't know what is!

In today's Herald, George Will's commentary, "
Ghosts of comments past haunt McCain, Romney," also fixates on Romney's 1994 statements to the Log Cabin Republicans, and ignores these major problems with his record.

For now, it seems, we have to settle for the mainstream media's hyper-focus on Romney's 1994 statements and the abortion issue. But they cannot go on ignoring these major stories much longer. Eventually they'll be forced to notice (by his Republican primary opponents) that his advocacy and implementation of "gay rights" has extended throughout his tenure as Governor. Will the Globe then refer to such information as a "screed" from the McCain or Brownback campaign headquarters?