Monday, April 24, 2006

Propaganda Assault This Wednesday 4-26: "Day of Silence" in High Schools

Have you called your high school yet to ask the principal if there will be a homosexual propaganda assault -- deceptively named the "Day of Silence" -- this Wednesday, April 26? And if there will be, why hasn't he informed parents of this event which promotes homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism? Massachusetts law (Ch. 71, Sec. 32A) requires parental notification, and ability to opt out their children when human sexuality issues are brought up in the schools.

The principals will surely tell you that it's a student-run event and not part of the curriculum. This is a lie. The event is run by the radical, national GLBT advocacy group GLSEN, and supported by school administrations. (See quote below -- from the horse's mouth.) If you wonder about this claim, ask yourself if Operation Rescue would be allowed to have day of civil disobedience promoting the pro-life cause.

We've published the list of high schools with gay clubs ("Gay-Straight Alliances"), based on GLSEN's list from last year, newspaper accounts, and our own first-hand knowledge, and GLSEN's national website posts a list of Massachusetts high school clubs. The Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth will not answer our request for an up-to-date list, and the Mass. Dept. of Education Safe Schools office plays ignorant. The Governor's office said they'd help us get this list two weeks ago, but we've still not received anything.

According to Bay Windows, "[I]n 2001 ... GLSEN took charge of the event. Under GLSEN’s leadership the Day of Silence quickly expanded to thousands of high schools across the country and became GLSEN’s signature event. ... Sean Haley, executive director of GLSEN Boston, said he expects students at between 125-150 schools in the state to take part in the event this year. He said schools in the Boston area have been honoring the Day of Silence since GLSEN first took over planning the event in 2001. [emphasis added]