Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Surrender with Dignity" Conservatives

MassResistance just received a letter from "Focus on the Family Action" center, wherein we're urged to participate in VoteOnMarriage's lobbying push for its flawed amendment (prior to the anticipated May 10 Constitutional Convention). If you've been following this blog, you'll know we have grave reservations about this proposed amendment.

If you're still in doubt about this, read the latest from John Haskins (below). And in case you missed it, check out Haskins' WorldNetDaily article (Dec. 2005) revealing the truth on how homosexual "marriage" actually came about in Massachusetts: Conservative Romney Buckles and Blunders."

Are the "Surrender with Dignity" Conservatives leading us over a cliff?
By John Haskins

The colossal resources being put into ratifying a new Massachusetts marriage amendment are based on a complete misunderstanding of the void legal and constitutional status of Governor Romney's homosexual "marriages". This proposed amendment faces possibly insurmountable obstacles. If it fails, it will break the spirit of many grassroots activists who are sacrificing much in the desperate hope that this amendment would restore moral sanity and legal order to Massachusetts.

This amendment -- if it somehow gets past a politically and morally debauched legislature -- would ignore the phony homosexual "marriages" that now violate the laws of Massachusetts. This is largely unknown to many of the pro-family activists who have been asked to sacrifice time and money in order to roll the wrong boulder up the wrong hill. This amendment would enshrine the principle that our laws and our state Constitution are subject to judges and governors striking them down, when they have the Boston Globe -- and the obsessively pro-establishment pro-family groups -- "Vichy Christians" (as one national pro-family political consultant has called them) -- handling the cover-up for a supposed "conservative" governor. This governor, Mitt Romney, has sponsored a gay youth pride parade, has called pro-family activists "right-wing religious bigots", and tried to banish the anti-homosexuality Boy Scouts from the Winter Olympics in 2002.

All of the major players in this Massachusetts fraud know that Gov. Romney's homosexual "marriages" are illegal. Gov. Romney knows it. His advisors know it. Much of the state legislature knows it. Many homosexual activists know it. The homosexual activists editing the Boston Globe know it. The four judges who tried to trick the legislature into legalizing homosexual "marriage" know it.

So -- almost everyone understands the fraud -- except the "Vichy Christians." They seem to believe that if a governor is handsome enough and clean-cut enough and looks pro-family, then he must be on "our side" -- even if he ordered state officials to either violate their oaths to uphold the law (which remains one-man, one-woman) or resign. For some bizarre reason, "Matinee Mitt" just couldn't wait to see if the Legislature would agree with the four judges and change the law to legalize homosexual "marriages." "Our side" signed an unconditional surrender when they accepted the legality of Gov. Romney's illegal homosexual "marriage" licenses.

Gov. Romney's order violated the laws of the Commonwealth and the people's Constitution.
If the Governor had had the constitutional authority to act, the four Supreme Judicial Court justices would have told him to! They did not. They told the legislature to change the law, which as the judges knew, is the only way that homosexual "marriage" could gain any measure of legality. They legislature did not change the law! [In fact, there is a bill pending, sponsored by the homosexual lobby, to do just that, proving they know it's still not legal! -MR]

So Gov. Romney solved the problem: He ordered state officials to violate the law. If Mike Dukakis or another Democrat governor had done this, he never could have gotten away with it. If Gov. Weld, Cellucci, or Swift had done this, they could never have gotten away with it. But because a handsome, churchy-looking governor did it, all the while protesting that he really, really, really hated doing it [but "had to uphold the law" -MR], most of our side signed up for the fox's campaign to keep the wolves out of the chicken house.

A further note: One of the most prominent pro-family leaders behind this amendment told me three months ago, "You're right. We need a strategy." [Admitting: "And we don't have one." -MR] This was already several years into the battle. But do you really need a battle strategy after you've surrendered the whole war?

Again, please read the article on WorldNetDaily [from this past December].

MassResistance note: Strategies were initiated by Article 8 Alliance which would have attacked the core of the problem -- judicial tyranny, as well as targeting the Governor's proposed actions on issuance of "marriage" certificates. Why did the "Vichy Christians" refuse to join that effort to remove the judges, as well as pressure the Governor to withhold "marriage" licenses?