Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GLSEN Seminar: It Is All About "Queer Sex"

Don't miss this gem from the original article on the GLSEN/Fistgate conference in 2000. According to the queer activist (Margot Abels) currently suing Brian Camenker, Scott Whiteman, and Parents' Rights Coalition for exposing her hideous workshop (in March 2000): YES, IT IS ALL ABOUT QUEER SEX!

Tired of denying it: Margot Abels opened by telling the room full of teachers (and two high school students), "We always feel like we are fighting against people who deny publicly, who say privately, that being queer is not at all about sex... We believe otherwise. We think that sex is central to every single one of us and particularly queer youth."

So let's see, the queer activism in question would include: The story book about "different kinds of families" given to David Parker's kindergartner in Lexington. [Remember: Lexington activist Meg Soens, who got the book into the school, gave a seminar at that same GLSEN conference in 2000 on incorporating gay & lesbian issues in the elementary curriculum!]. The "Day of Silence". The Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in the high schools. Diversity Days. Ally Days. GLBT "rights" however you name them. It's all about queer sex.