Friday, April 14, 2006

A Good Day to Speak the Truth

A good day to speak the truth: There is no compromising with evil.

We remember being asked if pro-lifers could find any compromise position with the pro-abortion crowd. How ridiculous. Maybe we could agree to only half of the requested abortions each year? Or maybe we could agree to let Planned Parenthood instruct our high school girls where to go to get abortions, as long as we have equal time to instruct them on the humanity of the developing baby? We don't think so! The only morally correct -- and politically effective -- position is to say all abortions are murder. And say NO altogether to Planned Parenthood having any access to children in the schools!

Similarly, why is it that some traditionalists think we can find some common ground with GLSEN? That we can let GLSEN preach their poison in our schools, and then try to counteract it with a "Day of Truth"? How much poison is too much? Put that effort into getting GLSEN out of the schools altogether, we say.

Another example: Why do some in the pro-family movement in our state think they can placate homosexual extremists by letting them keep some of their "marriages", by offering them benefits packages, and by promising not to ban civil unions? Why should the state sanction any alternative domestic arrangement as a "family"? How much state-sanctioned perversion is too much?

There can be no compromise with evil.