Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Schools' Legal Liability in Promoting Homosexual Sex

Schools across America are going to start experiencing lawsuits over their criminal seduction of our young people into the unhealthy GLBT "lifestyle". Check out this resource from PFOX (Parents & Friends of ExGays & Gays). It makes a great gift for your local school committee, superintendent, and principal.

"The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools: An assessment of the risks and liabilities associated with policies and programs that normalize homosexual behavior in public schools." Topics include:

-Endangering the physical health of a child (STDs, HPV, promoting unsafe sex, other risky behaviors); endangering the mental health of a child; schools unequipped to be mental health clinics; contributing to delinquency of a child; recommended reading for children?; the Massachusetts model; unconstitutional restriction of First Amendment rights.