Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Judge: Child Rapist Did GOOD WORKS

This takes the cake: During yesterday's sentencing of defrocked priest and convicted child rapist Paul Shanley, Judge Stephen Neel considered the good works Shanley had done on the streets of Boston! According to the Boston Globe (2-16-05),

"In determining a sentence, Neel said, he considered 18 letters from Shanley supporters, who praised the former priest for his work helping the homeless and addicted, the medical care he brought to young people on the street, and his support of gays and lesbians struggling with their identity."

We can imagine what form Shanley's support took, can't we? Because of his skill in counseling these confused young people, he got only 12-15 years (with probation possible sooner)! "Support of young people struggling with their identity" -- this is the same ruse used to get the gay/lesbian clubs in our high schools, which are no more than recruiting stations for the "lifestyle".