Saturday, February 26, 2005

Romney to Mass. Teens: It's Great to be Gay!

Who does Governor Romney think he's fooling? He has NOT fought homosexual "marriage". In fact, he has encouraged the youth in our state to join with homosexual radicals in promoting their agenda and "lifestyle". See Romney's Proclamation urging the citizens of Massachusetts to celebrate our "gay" youth pride parade, only two days before homosexual "marriages" were to begin last May. And his Department of Education continues to fund the "gay-straight alliances" in our public high schools.

He blew it in this state, totally caved to the Court. He could have issued an executive order preventing the Department of Public Health from issuing "marriage" licenses to homosexual couples. Instead, he threatened our Justices of the Peace with losing their jobs if they refused to perform homosexual "marriages". He said he had to uphold the "law", though there is NO LAW authorizing homosexual "marriage" to uphold! (Or does he believe the Court makes law?)

The Boston Globe reports on Romney's recent campaigning for president in his other home state, Utah. He'd better know that the conservatives in Massachusetts have good memories. He's not going to get away with portraying himself as a general in the battle against homosexual "marriage". Utah and the rest of America will hear the truth.