Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Carnival in Provincetown

We just read on Article 8 Alliance of Queertoday's upset over "religious terrorism" from Christian ex-gays.

Ex-gays simply spread the word that God's truth can provide the way out of an unhappy homosexual "lifestyle". But the homosexual extremists are twisting the ex-gay message, portraying it as an attack on their freedom, health, and safety.

Queertoday's phrase reminded us of another phrase in vogue with their movement, "spiritual violence", which they apply to the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of Biblical teachings on homosexuality.

Any religious value or belief which interferes with homosexuals' value-free, hedonistic "lifestyle" is now branded in this way. The implication of these two phrases is clear: that those defending traditional values are aggressive, criminal perpetrators of violence. Does this include your church?

Contrast the homosexual extremists' phony use of "religion" with genuine expressions of their attitude towards religion. Look at their "carnival" in Provincetown. (And note how the Boston Herald reports on the carnival line-up straightforwardly, as if this event were totally mainstream!)

Just a few events from the P'town carnival: There's a drag queen bingo night at the Unitarian-Universalist "church". And the UU's hosting a "performance artist" whose "impersonations of the political enemies of the left are spectacularly blasphemous and depraved. Adult content is definitely included. Watch her bear witness, but hold on to your faith because Starlite is bringing the apocalypse closer with every show!"

So ... if your church doesn't host such events, but instead teaches that homosexuality is contrary to God's law, is it guilty of "religious terrorism"?

And if you are taken aback by the message of a drag queen performance (see below), are you guilty of "spiritual violence"? How could you possibly object to "her" invitation to join "her" on a "frolicsome path towards hell and damnation"?

From the Provincetown Banner: "Varla Jean Merman is a queen among queens!

"A big red apple poses no threat to this lady eve. Nor does a snake enthrall her for any longer than a costume change. Varla Jean Merman has committed her fair share of transgressions in her time and in her new show, "I'm Not Paying for This!", she takes the audience with her on a frolicsome path towards hell and damnation....

Varla still has time to declare that she refuses to pay for that dull package of judgments that nameless others are so fond of doling out. Oh no, Varla can make her own world somewhere over the rainbow and it is everybody else that is going to want to pay to see her seriously masterful presentation of an innocent romp through the seven deadly sins."