Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weld for NY Governor?

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld is planning to run for governor of New York. He seems to realize he has a slight problem: his enthusiastic support for all things "gay" while Governor of Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe reports that Weld now claims his support for homosexual "marriage" extends only to the Massachusetts borders. But then how can it be a "civil right"? Is there a different definition of "civil rights" in New York than in Boston?

Bill Weld is responsible for letting GLSEN get a foothold in the public schools of Massachusetts to pollute our children with its pro-homosexual propaganda. (Then GLSEN built on its Massachusetts model to infiltrate schools across America.) Thanks to Weld, the "Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth" will be hard to dismantle.

Has the press forgotten that Weld officiated at the "marriage" of his Harvard roommate to another man, just one year ago? Does Weld believe his friend Mitchell Adams is "married" while in Massachusetts, but "unmarried" while residing at his elegant Maine vacation home?

On June 22, 2004, reported:

While current Republican Governor Mitt Romney was in Washington telling a Senate hearing that if Congress doesn't pass a constitutional amendment gay marriage will "spread like wildfire" across the nation, former Massachusetts GOP Governor William F. Weld was officiating at the gay marriage of his old college roommate.

Mitchell Adams, Weld's closest friend at university and a former Mass. revenue commissioner, married Weld's former chief of staff Kevin Smith. The former governor read the homily at the ceremony at King's Chapel.

The marriage was the first same-sex ceremony Weld has attended. "I was terrified when I saw I'd been assigned the homily. I didn't know what a homily was so I just told war stories about Mitchell and Kevin," he said.

Weld told reporters that he's opposed to any constitutional amendment barring gay marriage. He said that if he were not at the wedding he would have been in Washington opposing Romney.