Monday, December 31, 2007

GLBT Assault on Catholic Church Has New HQ in Boston

Dignity USA, an extremist GLBT group undermining the Catholic Church, has a new national leader and headquarters in Boston (with a P.O. Box in Medford). Marianne Duddy-Burke "led the organization through a difficult period after the priestly sexual abuse scandal unfolded and gay men were scapegoated by the Church hierarchy and its conservative members," according to Bay Windows' account. Now, she's loaded for bear, already criticizing the Pope's New Year's message, calling it "inane and hurtful." Sounds like it's time for her to leave the Church. But no, Dignity USA is on a mission to destroy it from within. Note that they're now pushing not only "gay, lesbian, and bisexual" demands, but also transgender nonsense.

See "Duddy returns to post at Dignity/USA," Bay Windows (12-19-07).

Duddy-Burke stepped down from the executive director position about four years ago, following the birth of her daughter. ... "Honestly, I think that it’s been good for me to have a chance to step away and recharge my batteries," said Duddy-Burke, who has also served in the leadership of Dignity/Boston, the organization’s local chapter. "Being on the frontline, especially during the sexual abuse crisis was emotionally and spiritually very exhausting. Now I’ve got my energy back."

(Forgive us for asking: Why would the sexual abuse crisis have been so exhausting to a homosexual advocacy group?)

Duddy-Burke said she’ll focus on putting out Dignity’s message positively by emphasizing its work on creating LGBT-inclusive theology and liturgical rites. She also wants to lead the organization in engaging Catholics, particularly those who are parents to LGBT children, in the LGBT civil rights struggle....

Of course, she’ll also be busy holding Church leaders accountable for their anti-gay rhetoric. Noting that the Pope’s message to mark World Peace Day on Jan. 1 calls LGBT families "a threat to world peace," Duddy laughs, "I’m sure we’ll be preparing something around that. I sort of wished my first official act would not be to have to respond to another inane and hurtful statement from the Pope."