Saturday, December 29, 2007

Romney's Endorsements Reveal Uncomfortable Truth

By John Haskins
Parents' Rights Coalition

Slick Willard's endorsements come from the strangest places. Consider the extreme cognitive dissonance in the following:

Romney has been endorsed by self-styled "evangelicals" like Jay Sekulow, "Evangelical" radio lawyer-pundit Hugh Hewitt, the Alliance Defense Fund's David French, and Right to Life's Jim Bopp -- all ambitious lawyers from the judicial-supremacy wing of "conservatism" who have actively betrayed Judge Roy Moore, Dr. Alan Keyes and many others. Add, Rev. Bob Jones and, shockingly, Paul Weyrich, to Romney's endorsers.

But nestled among them is the unabashedly militant pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-homosexual "marriage" former Massachusetts governor, William Weld. Weld appointed Margaret Marshall, the driving force behind the Goodridge decision. Romney publicly asked for Weld's endorsement, just as he twice sought the endorsements of the homosexual "Log Cabin" Republicans and the militant abortion lobby.

As governor, Weld not only appointed the most radical, post-constitutional, tyrannical liberal judges in the nation, he backed partial-birth abortion, and poured taxpayer funding into militant gay groups and into pro-homosexuality brainwashing of other people's children.

Weld's lieutenant governor Paul Cellucci, who succeeded him, was identified by James Dobson as someone who opposes "virtually everything we believe in." George Bush's nomination of Cellucci as U. S. Ambassador to Canada provoked perhaps the greatest uprising against any presidential appointment ever, easily exceeding the manufactured "resistance" to Clarence Thomas and Attorney General John Ashcroft. The media mostly refused to report that some fifty U.S. and some fifteen Canadian groups bombarded the White House and the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee with outrage. I know about it because I wrote the petition and built the U.S. Canadian coalition and led the resistance with Peter LaBarbera in 2001. Nevertheless, Romney publicly recently ridiculed the opposition to Cellucci and asked former Governor Paul Cellucci for his endorsement!

But Romney is apparently too untrustworthy and too liberal socially for Cellucci, which says quite a bit, because Cellucci gave Margaret Marshall a promotion to Chief Justice, he boosted government spending on gay propaganda to levels unmatched by any governor until Romney, and he put a Planned Parenthood lawyer on the Supreme Judicial Court.

Instead, Cellucci has endorsed Rudy Giuliani. Romney currently "positions" himself to the right of Giuliani on social issues, but his actual record is even more left-wing than Giuliani's and Cellucci's. Cellucci has privately told people that Romney cleverly imposed gay marriage unnecessarily, and that he (Cellucci) does not support same-sex "marriage" because it will weaken and harm the traditional family. A lawyer himself, Cellucci is aware that Romney used the Goodridge decision and the willing gullibility of "conservatives" to push an agenda he couldn't otherwise have gotten away with.

How do Paul Weyrich, Bob Jones, Jay Sekulow, Hugh Hewitt, David French, Jim Bopp and Rev. Bob Jones feel about being on a list of endorsers with Bill Weld -- the man who appointed the judge who crafted the Goodridge decision, helped illegally impose homosexual adoption and many radical pro-abortion rulings?

Politics do make strange bedfellows.

See "Former Mass. governor endorses Romney," Boston Globe, 12-4-07.

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