Saturday, December 22, 2007

Romney's April 2004 Letter Reveals Weak, Unprincipled Actions During Constitutional Crisis

Part I: Letter from Mitt Romney on Eve of 'Gay Marriage' -- April 2004

Part II: Romney's 2004 Letter -- Analysis

Part III: Gov. Mitt Romney Ignored Our Voices -- and the Constitution

Read the letter (PDF)

Those of us living through the unparalleled Constitutional crisis here in Massachusetts -- beginning with the Supreme Judicial Court's "homosexual marriage" ruling in November 2003, through the beginning of the phony "marriages" in May 2004, and ongoing -- experienced Mitt Romney's duplicity and failure as a leader on a visceral level. Most of us engaged in the research published on our site voted for him in 2002. We feel personally betrayed by a man who surrendered our Constitution, our rule of law, our public health, our traditional values, our schools and our children to a very dangerous "special interest."

Our 3-part series, focusing on a letter we received from Romney in April 2004 (just one month before the "homosexual marriages" began) reveals either a dangerous dissembler, or a disengaged manager with no understanding of the Constitution he swore to uphold. Either way, this man should not be President.

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