Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gov. Patrick Official and MassEquality Activist McGee Charged with Sexual Battery on Minor

McGee (left) and Conley (right): Separated at birth?

Wow, missed this when we were out of town last week! Carl Stanley McGee, a top homosexual activist and office holder in Gov. Patrick's administration, is caught in the act. This story is reminiscent of another MassEquality figure caught up in perversion with young people: Top lobbyist Bill Conley (now fighting for the Transgender Rights Bill H1722), who was arrested in July 2006 for soliciting college boys for oral sex.
McGee was rated one of Boston's 25 most stylish people by the Boston Globe last November. Former State Senator Jarrett Barrios performed a sodomy "marriage" ceremony between McGee and Rev. John H. Finley (now an Episcopal priest) in 2005. See Howie Carr's column in the Boston Herald: "Allegations vs. Dem hack fly under the radar" (2-13-08).

BOSTON, MA, February 13, 2008 - Carl Stanley McGee, 38, a top-level aide in the administration of Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has been charged with sexually assaulting a 12-15 year old boy. The incident occurred in late December, but has only been made public in the past several days.

McGee allegedly assaulted the boy at a resort on the Gulf Coast in Florida, the prestigious Gasparilla Inn & Club. The day after meeting the boy at the resort and exchanging a few words with him, McGee allegedly entered the steam room where the boy was sitting, removed the boy's towel, massaged his shoulders, and performed oral sex on him. The victim subsequently told his father about the incident, who then reported McGee to the police. McGee was arrested, held overnight and released on $300,000 bond.

According to reports McGee, whose makes approximately $115,000/year, has been put on unpaid leave, and still officially retains his position, pending trial. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Lee County, Florida next week.

McGee is the assistant secretary of policy and planning in the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. Besides being one of the leading figures in the push for homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, he has also reportedly been instrumental in the drafting of Governor Patrick's life science legislation. Patrick's life science efforts seek, amongst various other things, to overturn former governor Mitt Romney's prohibition on embryonic stem cell research, and to pour millions of dollars into the unethical research.

McGee has been heavily involved in the organization MassEquality.... McGee and his homosexual partner were listed as "patrons" at the 2007 MassEquality gala dinner, second only to "founders", having donated at least $2500 to the organization. The former Rhodes Scholar and Harvard Law school graduate also served as the director of the civic and business outreach efforts of MassEquality, according to the Boston Globe....

And see Boston Globe, "Key Aide to Patrick Accused of Sex Assult," 2-7-08.