Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dan Kennedy's Hateful Rant

We often point out that the HATERS are on the other side. They not only call us dissenters nasty names. They invent names for us, and they invent "rights" for themselves -- so they have more, new ways of shutting down debate.

Dan Kennedy of the Boston Phoenix yesterday called the author of this blog a "gutless anonymous homophobe"!! Can you imagine?? (Well, at least he provided a link, and traffic has picked up!)

Dan Kennedy is very proud of the paper he works for. Proud of a paper with the raunchiest, most perverted "personal ads" imaginable. I hadn't looked at the Phoenix myself for about 20 years, but -- due to this new line of work -- felt I needed to get up to date. What a surprise I was in for! The ads for the "she-males" caught my attention. How innocent I was. I guess I didn't really know what "transsexual" meant till I saw these.

Is it "homophobic" to have nausea overcome you when you see ads (with photos) for:

Angie TS*
She-Male -- Pre-op
Fully Functional -- In/Out
5'8" 36C - 24 - 36

[*I think this means transsexual, but I'm not sure...]

Or how about this ad:

New in town
38dd - 24- 38 - 9"ff

["ff"? I guess that's "fully functional" as in the 1st ad, and I don't really want to think about what it means. The 9" measurement must be fairly obvious.]

Gee Dan, you must be so proud of supporting this perverted, dark underbelly of our society. Where's YOUR compassion? Can you truly not know that these are very unhappy, troubled people who need help?

Well, Dan doesn't want to think too hard about that. He does enjoy collecting his paycheck, funded by the dirty money from such ads. And he'd rather just make fun of Article 8 and MassResistance.

I'm sure Dan would enjoy hearing from other "gutless anonymous homophobes". Dan's email:

Here's Dan's hideous little piece in the Phoenix:
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

HOMOPHOBIA ON (AND OFF) THE RACKS. Brian Camenker and his merry band of hatemongers at the Article 8 Alliance are at it again. For weeks, they've been pushing for a ban on the gay-and-lesbian newspaper Bay Windows at local supermarkets. The Herald's Greg Gatlin has the latest today, reporting that the paper has, indeed, been dropped at Stop & Shop and Shaw's.
But it looks like Camenker's victory might be temporary - a spokesman for Stop & Shop says Bay Windows is likely to be back if the two sides can work out a deal to carry the paper without the personal ads. The spokesman adds that the Boston Phoenix is not carried for the same reason. (I didn't know that! Oh, well.)
The Article 8 folks, bless their twisted little hearts, have also included a link to
this Washington Blade article about what you can do to get Bay Windows back on the racks. Thanks, Brian.
And here's a
gutless anonymous homophobe with a blog who's getting involved in the action.
Good grief. I need a shower.

Dan, you need more than a shower.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Rights" Talk: Where Does It Lead?

This is SERIOUS. It's the Culture of Death and Deceit we're dealing with here. The techniques employed by that side are very sophisticated. Let's take the very basis of their argument: "It's a RIGHT, and you can't take it away." ... "These our are civil RIGHTS." ... "It's our RIGHT to express ourselves, to love anyone we choose."

Beware! Their "rights talk" is very dangerous. If they succeed in framing their cause as a "RIGHT", your true rights will be stomped out. It will inspire those who think only through their emotions, and worship their bodies, to some very dangerous actions. And we've only just begun down this road.

Take abortion. That "RIGHT" started with labeling a developing human being a "blob of tissue" so it would be easier to say it was "a woman's RIGHT to choose" to murder her baby. This FALSE RIGHT led to violence: 40+ million American babies murdered. If you object, you're called names: extremist, fanatic, fundamentalist, red-stater, strict constructionist.

And now we have the "RIGHT" of homosexual couples to "marry". If you disagree, you're called nasty names: bigot, hater, "homophobe", Nazi, prejudiced, ignorant, stone-age, religious fanatic. Your freedom to dissent on any grounds is being stomped out. How does it look as we start down this slippery slope?

--An elementary school in Lexington giving kindergarten students picture books portraying "gay" and lesbian families as normal and wonderful. Parents are not even notified in advance. If they object: "It's legal now! You can't do anything about it," says the principal.

--Students in Bedford Middle School encouraging its children to cross dress. (Pizza party for the most kids in costume!) And if parents object? Activate the Bedford "No Place for Hate" crowd.

--What if residents in a certain senatorial district meet with their pro-homosexual-marriage senator with concerns over this sort of thing in the public schools? The Diversity Squads from Lexington and Concord are called in to run a "same-sex marriage" discussion at a local church!

--Object to the "Day of Silence"? Hear lies from your school administrators ("It's not part of the curriculum; it's only a student-led event; you're the only parent who's complained") and watch them come after your child.

Soon they'll go to the next level. If you dare to testify at a State House hearing, have your name appear in a news story, or appear on a radio or TV show -- THEY WILL TRY TO SILENCE YOU. Intimidation, threats, harassment, lawsuits. And in the not-too-distant future, you'll be found guilty of HATE SPEECH.

Next comes VIOLENCE. They've killed babies. Who's next?

Sadly, there is no reasoning with these people. There is no possibility of true dialogue. Because they do not recognize any ultimate source of TRUTH or RIGHTS.

Where do we derive our true RIGHTS? The Creator.

Declaration of Independence:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Massachusetts Constitution:
We, therefore, the people of Massachusetts, acknowledging, with grateful hearts, the goodness of the great Legislator of the universe, in affording us, in the course of His providence, an opportunity, deliberately and peaceably, without fraud, violence or surprise, of entering into an original, explicit, and solemn compact with each other; and of forming a new constitution of civil government, for ourselves and posterity; and devoutly imploring His direction in so interesting a design, do agree upon, ordain and establish the following Declaration of Rights, and Frame of Government, as the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ... It is the right as well as the duty of all men in society, publicly, and at stated seasons to worship the Supreme Being, the great Creator and Preserver of the universe.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lesbian Advocacy in High School Newspaper

A parent in the Acton-Boxborough district has passed on the shocking article reprinted below. It's from the high school student newspaper. Yet another example of the stranglehold homosexual activists have on our schoolchildren!

Things have clearly gone beyond tolerance of homosexuality. Now there's an assumption it's a positive thing, and active efforts to draw others in. (And note the teens' knowledge of pornography alluded to in the third paragraph!) Remember that students as young as 13 and 14 see this at school, and younger siblings will see it at home.

How can the faculty advisors and principal allow such an article to be published? They might answer: "Now that gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, parents cannot object."

MassResistance trusts you will object. Not only at this school. Check out what's going on in your own district! This is probably representative of high school newspapers across our state.

Acton-Boxborough HS newspaper faculty advisors:
Joan Lenington:
Erika Blauch:
AB Regional HS Principal, Stephen Donovan:

[The following article is printed in its entirety from The Spectrum, April 2005, the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School newspaper. Paragraph breaks have been added for easier reading.]

Need for Acceptance of Lesbians at AB

From Will and Grace, to Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, American culture has, for the most part, embraced and accepted gay men as a quintessential part of life. The stereotypes promoted by television and other sources do have the ultimate detrimental effect of promoting bigotry and encouraging generalizations, particularly those portraying gay men as all fashion-crazed guys talking with lisps about their new conditioners.

However, they have helped gay men achieve an elevated status over lesbian women. In mainstream culture, it is generally much more acceptable to be gay than lesbian. Whereas gay men in the media are shown as cute and funny, lesbians are often portrayed as unattractive and socially inept. Even the one TV show that portrays lesbian women as cool and attractive is called The “L” Word, as if there is something inherently shameful about being lesbian.

The portrayals of gays and lesbians in the media affect how we view and treat each other. At Acton-Boxborough, there does seem to be a larger number of “out” guys than girls. According to junior [Mr. X], “I think out guys have an easier time expressing themselves than out girls.” Some students feel that pornography is the only medium in which lesbians are positively portrayed.

These discrepancies are deeply rooted in our social structure. Gay guys are traditionally very much accepted by girls because they are seen as non-threatening. Girls do not have to worry about a gay friend making unwanted advances. On the contrary, many guys feel threatened by lesbians because they feel that the amount of available straight women will have decreased. This phenomenon is deeply rooted in the historical male dominance in social relationships.

Moreover, friendships between girls are often more physical than friendships between guys, so girls might feel more apprehensive about coming out to their friends, fearing they would feel very uncomfortable. After finding out that a close friend is lesbian, many girls will react negatively, assuming that it means their friend is interested in them.

In addition, the stereotypes surrounding gay men have increased their acceptance among girls. There is the image of the “gay best friend.” As senior [Mr. Y] explains, “Girls are obsessed with gay guys.” However, lesbian girls, in general, are not as widely accepted by guys, because there is not a popular image that guys find attractive.

The lack of a general stereotype for lesbian women is, in some ways, a positive thing: there is no role that they are expected to fill. However, because society has no expectations of how a lesbian is “supposed” to be, people do not know how to accept them for who they are.

We, at Acton-Boxborough, need to try and get beyond stereotypes for both gay and lesbian students. Students need to stop using “gay” as a common insult or a synonym for feminine guys. Furthermore, we must understand that gay jokes are not an acceptable form of humor. With the stereotypes erased, both lesbians and gays can feel equally accepted.

"Catholic" State Rep Officiates at "Gay Wedding"

Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein calls herself Catholic. But yesterday she performed the "marriage" of two men, age 61 and 43. She said being bullied by someone at the Catholic Conference (the lobbying wing of the Archdiocese) had something to do with her decision to speak and vote for homosexual marriage at last year's Constitutional Convention.

Bay Windows reports (Making it happen: Revere lawmaker to marry two of her gay constituents this weekend) that despite her conservative Catholic upbringing, the 34-year-old Rep from a "socially conservative" district (Chelsea, Saugus, and Revere) voted against the teachings of her Church, against the beliefs of her deceased father (former mayor of Revere and state legislator), and against the wishes of many of her constituents. (Unbelievably -- but this is Massachusetts -- she ran unopposed in 2004!).

Her emotions were in such an uproar over the issue, she decided to keep a journal! That helped her know her heart -- and her heart must be right. So, now she performs "homosexual marriages". "Any member of this Commonwealth should be able to marry someone who is their best friend and soul mate if they choose," she said in her ConCon speech.

The article includes these most interesting comments on Rep. Reinstein's interactions with the Mass. Catholic Conference:

There was also pressure from the Catholic church. Reinstein was raised in a conservative Catholic home; her father belonged to three Holy Name Society chapters. Some of the most personal attacks came from society members, in addition to what she describes as "fear and intimidation" tactics on the part of a lobbyist for the Massachusetts Catholic Conference (MCC).

She is quick however, to praise MCC Executive Director Gerry D'Avolio, who she says "was really good to work with and respected people's opinions. And when I think of the Catholic church he's the type of person I think of." Ultimately, it was the church that inspired Reinstein to stand up and speak at the constitutional convention.

After reading an article in the Boston Herald in which an MCC official characterized its lobbying as a matter of pressuring legislators so that they were fearful about supporting same-sex marriage, Reinstein had had enough. "I just felt like that was so outrageously wrong. Regardless of what side I'm on, I'm a Catholic and I love my religion, but to have my religion come and bully me, I just thought that was so wrong. That's not the church I was brought up in."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bedford Middle School Planned Cross-Dressing Day for April 13!

Thank God parents have waked up! Several alert mothers in Bedford recently got wind of a strange event planned at the middle school, set to coincide with the "Day of Silence" at the high school on April 13. A poster appeared all over the middle school, announcing School Spirit Week, and on Wednesday, it was set to be:

Boy/Girl Day (Dress the opposite of what you are)

If "Bedford Middle School" rings a bell, that's because it's the school that's flying a rainbow flag in the hallways alongside national flags. The school administration has refused to take it down, despite community outrage, and (not unexpectedly) the Mass. Department of Education said the school was not in violation of the Parental Notification Act.

You see, homosexuality and its promotion has nothing to do with "human sexuality" issues, according to the gay activists (that includes the Mass. Department of Education)!

Well, this time, parents complained to the Bedford Middle School principal, and they won! He decided to cancel the cross-dressing day, and quietly had students run around the school and change the poster to read that Wednesday would be "Sports Day" instead.

Here is the full text of the poster as it originally appeared:

School Spirit Week is the week
of Monday April the 11th!! The
Schedule is as follows!!!
Monday -- Wacky Hair Day
Tuesday -- Twin Day
Wednesday -- Boy/Girl Day (Dress
the opposite of what you are)
Thursday -- Dress like one of your teachers
Friday -- Bedford Spirit
Remember to dress up because
the advisor with the most
costumes wins an ice cream
An aside: Bedford real estate values continue to rise astronomically. Maybe it's one of the new gay/lesbian "magnet" towns? And we all know that, contrary to myth, the GLBT community does enjoy full civil rights. As a group, they do incredibly well professionally and financially in our society! (Unfortunately, they tend to anger their neighbors when they assert control over our schools, and recruit our children into their "lifestyle".)

Time for Mass. Family Institute to Do the Right Thing: Support Article 8 Alliance

MassResistance has a little gripe with Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI). They have been lifting our work on the "Day of Silence" without crediting us. Thanks to this blog, parents all over the state confronted their schools on this homosexual propaganda event. And we got our info to the talk radio hosts, and they went with it on several shows!

Come to think of it, MFI has had a pattern of such behavior over the last ten years or so. Let the activists (such as Parents' Rights Coalition) do the heavy lifting, the dirty work, have the direct interventions and confrontations. Then the MFI writes it up as if they did it all.

MFI holds fancy banquets with the big donors, raising money on others' efforts. They give awards to unsuspecting activists -- who appeared out of nowhere, motivated to do the right thing on their own -- then MFI acts like they were behind the activists' accomplishments!

Seems to me, the Parents' Rights Bill was conceived and written by someone else. But MFI goes to testify at the hearing, and acts like it's their bill. Lots of money raised for MFI on that one!

Well, it happened again Tuesday. MFI showed up at the Judiciary Committee hearing to testify in favor of the three bills filed by Article 8 Alliance (calling for removal of the judges and laws defining marriage). But where was MFI for the past year? (Crafting an ill-conceived Constitutional amendment, and caving in to "civil unions"?) They certainly were not standing with--or even communicating with--Article 8. (It looked to us like they wouldn't even say hello to the Article 8 people at the hearing!)

I'm sure Article 8 is pleased to get support for their bills. But they'd be even more pleased if credit is given where credit is due. MFI might acknowledge in their emails that it's the hard-working, underfunded, understaffed folks at Article 8 who had the foresight to file these bills.

It's a sad state of affairs. My Evangelical friends would say it's the devil's work, stirring up such jealousies and dissension. Well, MFI, how about it? I think there are preacher men on your staff. Time to make peace? Why not reach out to Article 8 and join their cause, instead of criticizing them for being "too confrontational".

It's time for MFI to do the right thing: SUPPORT ARTICLE 8 ALLIANCE all the way -- not just at a hearing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

GAY MARRIAGE: Still Not, Never Was, Legal In Massachusetts

MassResistance had an interesting day yesterday (4-12-05) at the Judiciary Committee hearing on the three bills submitted by Article 8 Alliance and their sponsor, Rep. Emile Goguen.

Bill H652 is the "Bill of Address", calling for removal of the four justices of the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court (who ruled that John Adams really wanted men to be able to marry each other).

Bill H653 is would define marriage as one man + one woman without allowing civil unions. (How odd... It appears the House Clerk has made an error, and listed it as a proposed Constitutional amendment! Since Article 8 is opposed to the concept of amending the Constitution in this way, it's hard to understand how this happened...)

Bill H654 points out that "gay marriage" is still not legal! We got a copy of the testimony on 654 from the citizen behind this bill, and reprint it here:

I ask the Committee to pay special attention to Bill H654, which I asked Rep. Goguen to file. This bill would essentially nullify the so-called "marriages" of homosexual couples which have taken place since May 17, 2004, when the Goodridge ruling went into effect.

NOTE THAT LANGUAGE: "when the Court ruling went into effect"! I remind the Committee that the Legislature never did anything to comply with this illegitimate ruling (which supposedly legalized homosexual marriage) -- nor should they have. The Court had no authority to speak on marriage. Only the Legislature and Governor have authority in this area, according to our Massachusetts Constitution.

The Legislature never did bring Massachusetts statutes into line with this ruling. "Gender-neutral" language to amend existing marriage statues never was passed. Therefore, all so-called "marriages" between homosexual couples which have taken place since May 17, 2004 are without statutory basis, and should be considered null and void.

I am not a Constitutional lawyer. But it should be apparent to anyone with common sense that the Legislature is simply avoiding its Constitutional responsibility in this area, and allowing the Supreme Judicial majority to run right over them.

We are living in a lawless state, where the Constitution is ignored, where our legislative leadership pretends things are real when they are not. Truly, here in Massachusetts, the Emperor has no clothes! But you are all pretending she does.

I ask you to help correct this situation, and to send Bills 652, 653, and 654 on to the floor for a full debate.

DAY OF CONFLICT at Lexington High School

MassResistance heard reports from protesters and students on the scene today at Lexington High School...

A few brave signholders protesting the "Day of Silence", standing on the public sidewalk in front of the school, were subjected to the principal's attempt to intimidate them. But they knew their rights and stood their ground.

Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775 -- Captain Parker to the Minutemen: "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!"

The Lexington High School principal and a "school monitor" came out to try to get the protesters to disperse, but they knew (after earlier checking with the Parents' Rights Coalition and local police) that they were within their rights to be there!

Meanwhile, on the school campus, we hear reports that the "Day of Silence" turned into a DAY OF CONFLICT! A parent wrote:

My [children] came home from school today distraught. From our conversations, it is evident that the "Day of Silence" did nothing to unite the school. My [children] witnessed students being physically assaulted on the quad by "Day of Silence" supporters because they chose to take stickers being distributed by a Christian group, while others were verbally berated in the hallways. One of my oldest [child's] teachers made derogatory comments about the Christians protesting outside of school, which was very distressing for [him/her] because this teacher is well aware that [s/he] is Christian. When [the] Concert Choir teacher insisted that students must sing, half of the class left the room.

Conflict was originated by both "sides" as one of my younger [child's] friends who wore a "Day of Silence" sticker was also harassed by other students. This event seems to have caused only disruption, conflict and disrespect. Please urge the faculty to concentrate on academics and schedule these social agenda events outside of school hours. My older [child] refuses to come to school tomorrow even during the academic blocks. [S/he] feels intimidated and threatened because of [his/her] beliefs. And while I am sure that this was not the intention of the faculty, this is the atmosphere that "Day of Silence" has created at LHS.

This parent had earlier written to the principal in Lexington:

Unfortunately, the "Day of Silence" is being held during the day, during classes. How can this not be detrimental to the classroom atmosphere, where learning should be the priority? Why should kids who choose not to participate be "exposed", alienated and labeled as "intolerant"? Since LHS is a very tolerant and accepting school as stated in the LHS description of "Day of Silence", why waste academic time and polarize students into groups that participate ("tolerant") and those who do not participate ("intolerant")? Why can't these be extracurricular events that do not interfere with learning?

The information regarding this two-day event is also very vague. We will opt our children out of the "Day of Discussion" if we can determine exactly what is happening during which blocks of the day. But because the "Day of Silence" is being held during classes, you have effectively removed our choice.

"Day of Silence": A Grandfather's Concerns

Reminder: Today, April 13, is the DAY OF HOMOSEXUAL PROPAGANDA in many of our local high schools and junior high schools. We hope our readers have prepared their children, or are keeping them home. If your children attend school today, be sure to debrief them. The Parents' Rights Coalition would love to hear your stories. You can email them through their website,

We received this letter from a concerned grandfather to the principal of his local public school:

To the school Principal,

I am a grandfather who has several children in the school system. I am also a retired teacher.

I am writing this letter because I watch in disbelief as I see the safe educational environment of school being opened up to the political whims of a few.

The “Day of Silence” to be held on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 is not as some would suppose a student initiated day, but an effort by a large political group, the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) to infiltrate and indoctrinate children in school. See the internet sites: where students are encouraged to sign up and receive materials to give to their school principals. See the parent organization heralding their plans for the event. This is a national, and well funded effort.

This “Day of Silence” has no place in schools. It marks the end of a safe educational environment for our children. It promotes the support of the homosexual lifestyle and calls on children to “come out” and explore their sexuality. The truth is that it is neither a healthy or good lifestyle. Why not ask the thousands of young people in high schools and colleges across this nation who have believed this lie and then tested positive for HIV. Their lives have been changed forever. See

Do you promote bullying in your school? By allowing this, you are promoting the bullying, coercing and intimidation of all school children who are not participating in this day, for those not participating will be looked down upon and pestered and made fun of and called names on the days following this event. Do you allow the word “homophobe” in your school? That is what students who do not support this day are called.

I am calling on all parents to become involved in protecting the environment of our school. I am asking for this political day to be stopped. I am asking for the safety and sanctity of the educational system to be protected.

I am also joining with those who proclaim the truth:

I am speaking the Truth to break the silence. I believe in equal treatment for all, and not special rights for a few. I believe in loving my neighbor, but part of that love means not condoning detrimental personal and social behavior. I believe that by boldly proclaiming the Truth, hurts will be halted, hearts will be healed, and lives will be saved.


A parent and grandparent, who chooses to fight this anonymously, without the repercussions of being bullied, and intimidated by those who would call my phone number with insults, parade in front of my house with signs, and otherwise intimidate my many grandchildren who have the right to attend school in peace and safety.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Objections to "Day of Silence": A Mass. School Committee Responds

Last week we posted a concerned parent's letter to a principal at a Massachusetts High School asking him to cancel the "Day of Silence". Here is some follow-up correspondence with a couple of school committee members in that district.

Dear Parent:
Let me start by saying that I respect and support the initiative shown by [XHS] students. Once again they are tackling controversial issues head on.

However, it is my position that this type of activity SHOULD NOT take place during regular class hours. These hours are both precious and costly. If these student wish to organize an event out side of regular school hours they should be encouraged to do so. From what I have read, I can not imagine how this program meets the requirement for educational hours as set forth by the Commonwealth of MA DOE.

Best Regards
-Mr. R, School Committee member

Dear Mr R:
Thanks for your response to my letter to [the principal], opposing the "Day of Silence". I am glad you agree that this event should not take place during the school day.

If you were to look at the and websites, you would see that the students are not, in fact, even showing much initiative. The materials and planning are all laid out for them by this well-funded, national political activist group.

What is really happening is that a "politically correct" club is receiving special privileges from the administration, because it is conveying a message they like.

Can you imagine the principal agreeing to [Christian club] members walking around with T-shirts saying "Adultery & Homosexuality are Sin"? Or pro-life students commemorating the Roe v. Wade anniversary with a Day of Silence for dead babies, holding cards explaining that "Abortion is Murder"? Somehow, I don't think such acts of "civil disobedience" would be allowed in the school. In fact, the recent [Christian club] "outreach" activity was confined to after-school hours. Seems pretty obvious that there is a double standard at work.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen to members of the community who stand for common-sense, traditional values. Please let me know if you would like to receive any of the supporting materials I shared with [the principal].



Dear Parent,
Thank you for your email and while I understand you are concerned, this is a student sponsored activity and not a school sponsored activity. You always have the option of keeping you student home if you are uncomfortable, if you call her/him into the attendance line, it will be an excused absence and s/he will be able to make up any work s/he misses on the 13th.
-Ms. X, School Committee Chair

Dear Ms. X ,
You don't seem to have read a word I wrote. Would you like to receive copies of the supporting documents I gave [the principal]? Or are you simply not interested in seeing or hearing another viewpoint?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

"Gay" Bay Windows' Vile Attack on the Pope

WHO CONTROLS THE STATE HOUSE? Is it the radical homosexuals who write, publish, and read the GLBT paper Bay Windows? The current State House leadership certainly seems to have swallowed all their propaganda and twisted goals for our society.

We wonder how our legislators -- many who identify themselves as Catholic -- will react to the most recent issue of Bay Windows with its articles on "The Pope's penis" ... "The Pope's homophobia" ... and "Gay" Catholics' issues with the Pope?


On April 7, as the Pope was being laid to rest, an unbelievably vile and filthy attack on the Pope and the Church appeared on the front page of Bay Windows. Read these excerpts. Let our legislators know that they must reject this attack on all of us who hold to Biblical moral standards! Ban these people and their destructive influence from the State House!

Three articles from Bay Windows, April 7, 2005 [excerpts]:

[1] Requiem for the pope's penis: How did the pope reconcile his oppression of human sexuality with the reality of his own body?

Some people, particularly Catholic conservatives, would argue that he has simply carried on one of the church's longest standing traditions: the elevation of the spiritual over the corporal, the needs of the soul over the needs of the body. But this is not true. There is a very long, vibrant erotic tradition within Catholicism....

[2] The Holy Father's Homophobia: Media coverage of the Pope's death ignored the issue

The pope hated gays. In his sermons and writings, and in Vatican papers expressly approved by him, John Paul II declared that same-sex relationships were "rooted in an ideology of evil." He described political support for the rights of lesbians and gays to adopt children as "gravely immoral." He said that permitting children to be raised by same-sex couples "would actually mean doing violence to these children." He told Catholics, and everyone else who was listening, that homosexuality was "an intrinsic moral evil." He warned that when lawmakers bestow rights on gay and lesbian people "neither the church nor society at large should be surprised when other distorted notions and practices gain ground, and irrational and violent reactions increase." And while many believe his anti-gay statements were related to marriage and children, John Paul took decisive action in the first half of his Papacy against anything that could be interpreted as extending sympathy or empathy toward gay people. In a 1986 pastoral letter on the "care of homosexual persons," he told bishops to guard against the "deceitful propaganda" of LGBT people. That letter resulted in the gay Catholic group Dignity being banned from meeting in Catholic Churches....

[3] Gay Catholics react to Pope John Paul II's legacy

Reflections from gay Catholics on the death of Pope John Paul II offered a range of perspectives on the pontiff's 26 years as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. There was acknowledgment of his ability to reach out to different faiths, respect for his role in the fall of communism and praise for his focus on social justice causes. But the common thread that ran through our interviews was a sense of disappointment at the opportunity the pope missed to build a relationship with the GLBT community. His legacy of anti-gay rhetoric and policy has driven many people to leave the church....

Judiciary Committee Tries to Bury Bill to Remove Judges!

Who controls the Massachusetts Legislature?

Once again, the radical homosexuals show their power in the State House. The Judiciary Committee has tried to sneak a hearing past us on the Bill of Address to remove the homosexual marriage judges. But we found out in time! The "gays", apparently, had plenty of notice that this hearing was coming up. But not the pro-family group behind the bill -- and not even the bill's sponsor, State Rep. Goguen!

Well, the Massachusetts RESISTANCE MOVEMENT needs to be at the State House this Tuesday, April 12, at 1:00 in Room B-2.

From the latest Article 8 Alliance update:

Very strange – No public notice given by the committee, just an obscure posting on a State House bulletin board !! The sponsors of the bill weren’t even notified. (Nothing on normal State House notification venues: official letters & email to reps, legislature’s Web site.)

Sleazy, disgusting tactic by committee chairmen to keep public from showing up & testifying for the Bill of Address. Is this what we elect our representatives to do??

Call these committee chairmen BEFORE TUESDAY and DEMAND that they STOP the sleaze. That this is serious. That they schedule a hearing with proper notice. At a time that’s convenient to working people (not public officials)!

House Chairman:
Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty (D-Chelsea)
Office: 617-722-2396
Home: 617-889-5703

Senate Chairman:
Sen. Robert Creedon (D-Brockton)
Office: 617-722-1200
Home: 508-584-1975

Current scheduled hearing at:
Tuesday, April 12
1:00 PM
State House, Room B-2
Boston, Massachusetts

FRIDAY, APR. 8. The Bill of Address to Remove the Judges, along with two other bills that legally restore traditional marriage to Massachusetts – possibly the most earthshaking legislation in this session’s agenda – appear to be purposely being buried from sight by the Joint Judiciary Committee. These bills must pass through the Joint Judiciary Committee before they can get to a full vote of the Legislature.

In the Legislature, when committees such as Judiciary are considering a bill, a public hearing is scheduled for members of the public to be heard. Usually, several weeks’ notice is given. The sponsors and co-sponsors are notified by phone call, mail, and email, and in recent years the hearing dates have been posted on the State House Web site.

But apparently not this time. This afternoon our office was doing a routine check of the State House Web site. Nothing about any public hearings. Just to make sure, we called the Judiciary Committee, and identified ourselves as Article 8. A secretary spoke to us and said, yes, there’s a hearing next week. We asked what bills were being included. She said, “I don’t know.” We pressed her. “Constitutional issues,” she said, and that we’d have to talk to someone else.

We called back. After pressing the issue, we finally were told that our bills were being included. We were told that the information had been posted on a bulletin board outside the committee room (???) two days ago! We asked why it wasn’t on the web site, or anywhere else. “I don’t know,” we were told.

Needless to say, Rep. Emile Goguen, sponsor of all three bills, said that he is extremely upset that his office was given no notice of the public hearing. He had heard the news from us! Nor had any of the sponsors heard anything, we now know.

This appears to be a deliberate attempt to subvert the public’s knowledge of the hearing, and keep us from “bothering” them with our opinion, so they can quietly bury these bills. This is very hot stuff, exactly the kind of thing most Massachusetts legislators want to avoid at any cost. We saw last year, during the sham of a Constitutional Convention.

We say: TOO BAD. We demand that our elected officials do the right thing. Call them up before Tuesday and let them know that a free government is important to you. But, if necessary, be prepared, if possible, to come to the State House on Tuesday afternoon!

We’ll keep you informed of all developments.

NOTE: At this same hearing, the committee will be considering the homosexual lobby’s bills to allow non-residents go get legal Massachusetts same-sex “marriages” (and create havoc around the country) and to make same-sex “marriages” legal in statute (the opposite of what we’re doing). However, the homosexual lobby has apparently been informed well in advance, and appears to have their people organized and mobilized to attend!

Friday, April 08, 2005

MFI's New Marriage Referendum Worse than First Reported

The Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is burning mad about my criticism of their plan to launch a new citizen's referendum for a marriage amendment to our state constitution. I explained why their goal is unsound and unrealistic, and would drain our side's resources.

Why won't MFI join forces with Article 8 to go after the only real solution: removing the judges?

But the MFI referendum plan is even more disturbing than we first reported.

We hear from reliable sources (in our nation's capital) that MFI wants to spell out benefits IN THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT which homosexual couples will be guaranteed... But oh, by the way, they still believe "marriage is only between one man and one woman."

Does this approach sound familiar? "Protecting traditional marriage" while simultaneously recognizing "civil unions" (which are essentially "homosexual marriages")?

Why doesn't MFI just support the amendement currently before the Massachusetts legislature? (Now pending its second vote, it requires a simple majority of the combined legislature before going to the voters. It would define marriage as 1 man + 1 woman, and allow "civil unions".)

Adding to the craziness, there is a provision which could severely delay MFI's proposed referendum: If a proposed amendment is substantially the same as something currently before the legislature (and it sounds like it will be), an automatic delay clicks in. So the whole process would become incredibly long.

Scuttlebutt is that Senate President Travaglini will use this fine print to grant further advantage for the homosexual activists, and delay the second vote on the current proposed amendment as long as possible (till late 2006). So who knows when the MFI referendum might ever get to the voters for the preliminary signatures! (And then -- it would still have to be passed in two consecutive legislative sessions, then go back to the voters!).

Go figure.

Parent to a Mass. Principal: Cancel “Day of Silence” !

Dear Principal,

Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me yesterday, when I expressed my strongest possible objections to the school’s plan to participate in the “Day of Silence” next Wednesday, April 13. I requested that you cancel the event. You refused. But now that you’ve had a chance to look over the information I gave you, I hope you will change your mind.

If the event proceeds, the school will be in violation of the Massachusetts Parental Notification law, Chapter 71: Section 32A.

As I explained, my objections are not only on behalf of my [child], but I am concerned for the safety and health of ALL students at the high school. To recap what was said at our meeting:

The “Day of Silence” is really about persuading students to accept homosexuality, and getting them to view it as a “civil rights” issue. It is a most appalling way to play with our children’s minds, linking legitimate civil rights issues with the radical homosexual movement.

Parents have not been informed of this event, either by letter or published school calendars. Even if they had been, there would be no way for them to effectively opt their child out, since the activity takes place all day long throughout the school. Parents who object can only choose to keep their children home to protect them from these offensive sexual and political messages. [X High School] will clearly be violating the Massachusetts Parental Notification law if it proceeds with the event, and the Advisory Opinion from the Massachusetts Department of Education (April 7, 1997) confirms this.

For the administration to hide behind the fa├žade of it being a “student-initiated, student-run” activity is dishonest. I gave you materials from the and websites. As you could see, there is a huge national organization of well-funded homosexual activists behind this event, adept at manipulating people. Not only are they manipulating our children, they are manipulating the public servants who are entrusted with the care of our children. I ask you again to think very seriously about your public trust.

For you to have compared this event to something SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) might sponsor was absurd. SADD’s goal is to preserve the health and lives of young people. But GLSEN (including the gay clubs and events they inspire in high schools) does quite the opposite: It draws many of our young people into an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. You seemed to be unaware of the health risks (both physical and psychological) of homosexual sex and the “lifestyle”. So I hope you will take time to read the articles I left with you by Dr. John Diggs and NARTH.

At the same time, you mentioned you’d been to several funerals for young alumni of [X HS] who had died of AIDS. Weren’t these needless deaths? These young men were obviously infected in their teens by older men. Did [X HS] play a role in encouraging these boys to think homosexual behavior was a fine, healthy choice? That is exactly the message students get from the [X HS] gay club, and events such as the “Day of Silence”.

I also gave you the “Fistgate” audiotape (with explanatory articles). This exposed GLSEN in the act of instructing our high school teachers and students in dangerous and perverted sex practices. This happened in 2000 right here in Massachusetts. You also received a copy of audiotape, “The homosexual agenda in the Massachusetts schools”.

You did not seem to know what “GLBT” stood for, at least not the “Bisexual” and “Transgender/Transsexual” part. So I gave you a copy of a pamphlet recently handed out to students at Newton North High School, which explains transgender issues in a way that makes it all seem very normal. I told you how the author of that pamphlet, who was a speaker at that school in 2003 advocating sex-change operations to the students, had attended that high school herself. She first heard of transgenderism in her math class! She went on to have hormone injections and breast removal surgery. Now, she is a transsexual activist, identifying as a male. (This is all documented in articles in the Newton Tab and school newspapers.) Is this what you want for the students at [X HS]? Is this protecting the health and well-being of your students?

I was also disturbed by your statement that your guide is the pamphlet from the American Association of School Administrators, on how to deal with legal matters surrounding sexuality issues in the schools. This turns out to be written by several national organizations, several of which have a long history of supporting the radical homosexual agenda in the schools. They even cite the most radical homosexual activist groups as their sources: GLSEN, Lambda Legal, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Hardly an unbiased view. More important, this national administrators’ group has no authority to address Massachusetts law in this area.

I ask you again to reconsider your plans to go forward with this event. Wouldn’t it just be better to cancel this event, so it won’t come back to haunt you? I look forward to your response.


c: Superintendent
School Committee
Massachusetts Dept. of Education

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Leader of Baby-Killer PAC Now Gay Marriage General

New England's largest GLBT newspaper, The Boston Globe, devotes over 1500 words profiling the new director of the D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign (fighting for homosexual "marriage" across the country).

Running inexplicably in the Living/Arts section, this puff profile of Joe Solmonese is titled "The persuader". Top story, front page of the section, huge color photo. I guess this piece is either about living or arts.

How is Solmonese living his life? He came out ...
in his early 20s, at a time when the AIDS epidemic was raging at full force. "There is that on your consciousness, and you're coming out," he recalled. "It compounded everything that you experienced coming out." But, he said, a heartening solidarity also developed in the gay community in response to the disease -- a solidarity that is still needed today, he added.

He worked for Michael Dukakis and Barney Frank. Then he worked at Emily's List (the PAC backing women candidates who support the "right" to kill babies), most recently serving as its executive director.

Maybe this piece is about arts. The art of propaganda? "To change minds, he's going straight to the heartland," reads the inner headline. The plan: appeal to emotions, not rationality. Stir up phony stories about violence and discrimination directed at gays:

The overall goal will be to appeal to the conscience of each community and to remind residents of each community that when a gay person is the victim of violence or discrimination, it is happening to a neighbor, or to a friend, or to a family member. "The most important thing we can do is to put a face and a name and a story to this," said Solmonese. So, on his outreach tour, a gay employee who was fired from a job, or a gay merchant whose store was vandalized, would be encouraged to tell their story within the context of the city or town where it happened.

He said one issue he'll focus on is "hate-crimes" legislation. Another area for artistic license.

Is there any good news for us in this article? They admit: "[T]o judge by what happened last year and what happened in Kansas this week, it will be an uphill fight." But they're not too discouraged.

''We've got to put 2004 in the context of this whole movement, this whole process of social change," insisted Solmonese. ''What happened . . . is brave people in Massachusetts came forward and said, 'We want the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of America.' And in Massachusetts, they got it. That is huge. That is history-making."

This is certainly an artistic take on events. These "brave people in Massachusetts" only got what they asked for because of four rogue JUDGES who "got it". Solmonese clearly doesn't care a whit for our Constitution.

''Were there places in the country where there were negative reactions to that? Yes," he conceded. ''But that is the way social change works." In his view, the backlash resulted from the fact that ''the people in the states were given a final exam on the first day of class."

So -- all we need is more re-education.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

FEAR NOT !!! Silence the "Day of Silence"

Go ahead. Make an appointment with your Superintendent or Principal. Get them to stop this insidious Day of Propaganda.

Why are so many of my (well-meaning) friends writing me about getting permission for holding a "Day of Truth" (advocated by the Dobson crowd) to "balance" or "counteract" the Day of Silence?

"Oh please, Mr. Principal, we'll be polite. Just let our Christian club hold a meeting after school. Maybe we could have just one poster in the cafeteria? Please?"

The very idea of trying to balance EVIL makes me sick. You call evil by its name and expunge it. You don't balance it. There is no compromise!

FEAR NOT ! Make an appointment with your school officials. Tell them that what the Day of Silence is really about is perverted sexual behavior, the undermining of society and traditional values. It won't work to ask for "equal time." Tell them to stop this event from taking place in the school. Period.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Direct from GLSEN HQ!!

"DAY OF SILENCE" = Homosexual activist propaganda day in our schools set for Wednesday, April 13, 2005

NOTE: THERE ARE Mass. SCHOOLS PARTICIPATING NOT SHOWN on this list from GLSEN. Call your local school to find out. They may say that it's not an official event, but just something "sponsored by a club".

THE SCHOOLS ARE USING THE "STUDENT-SPONSORED / STUDENT-LED" SHIELD TO HIDE THIS EVENT FROM PARENTS, and avoid announcing it in official calendars and notices. They are flagrantly violating the Parental Notification Act.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

STOP "Day of Silence" at Your Schools April 13


High schools and junior high schools across the state and country have scheduled a day-long homosexual propaganda assault on our children for April 13. The event is sponsored by GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), and poses as a student-initiated and student-run event. Most schools do not announce this event on their calendars, websites, or in notices to parents. (And you may well ask what they are hiding!)

Called the "Day of Silence", students remain silent all day, wearing GLSEN badges and carrying cards explaining that their silence is an act of solidarity with homosexuals (who are terribly discriminated against). Supporting the homosexual agenda is portrayed as a great civil rights cause, and remaining silent this day as a brave act of civil disobedience.

Children are drawn in through weeks of indoctrination before the event, and told that this is the "progressive", cool position to take. Children craving the attention of their peers will jump on board, trying to look like sacrificing heroes. It also promises students that they don't have to answer questions if called on in class. (What teenager wouldn't want to take advantage of that?)

BUT -- The Massachusetts Parental Notification Act of 1996 requires that schools inform parents in advance of such an event, as it includes discussion of human sexuality. Parents, once informed, may then opt their children out. The problem is, this event takes over the whole school environment, so there's really no effective way to opt your child out (short of keeping them out of school that day)!

You should speak to your school's superintendent, or the high school and junior high school principals. Confirm that the "Day of Silence" is scheduled in your district. Then demand that this event be cancelled, since there is no way to opt your child out. Quote this excerpt from the Parental Notification Law:

Chapter 71: Section 32A. Sex education; policy regarding notice to parents, exemption.Section 32A. Every city, town, regional school district or vocational school district implementing or maintaining curriculum which primarily involves human sexual education or human sexuality issues shall adopt a policy ensuring parental/guardian notification. Such policy shall afford parents or guardians the flexibility to exempt their children from any portion of said curriculum through written notification to the school principal. No child so exempted shall be penalized by reason of such exemption.

For more information, see these links:
Traditional Values Coalition article on "Day of Silence"
Mission America article on GLSEN
GLSEN's own description (Interestingly, this year the GLSEN Boston website is silent on the Day of Silence ...) (See the incredible organization and money behind this! You can link to materials ready to download, registration links for student "leaders", etc.)

Friday, April 01, 2005

John Adams: His Legacy Befouled in Massachusetts

How many insults can he take? First, John Adams is targeted by our Chief Justice Margaret Marshall for hero-worship. One of my most repulsive TV memories is seeing a few minutes of a "dramatic reading" of the letters of Abigail and John Adams, read by no other than our own Empress Margaret and her husband, Anthony Lewis, the ultra-left former New York Times columnist. (Shown on C-Span, Sept. 2000; check out the photo!)

Then Empress Margaret declares John Adams the author of this great idea: homosexual "marriage". After all, he wrote the Massachusetts Constitution where the "right" was discovered.

And now, the Massachusetts eminences name their Imperial Judicial Palace after poor Adams! Yesterday, at the dedication of the "John Adams Courthouse" (after its $150 million renovation), Senator Teddy declared the judiciary "the crown jewel of our system of government". Whatever happened to the people? I thought Adams said all power emanated from us??? (From the Mass. Constitution:)

"All power residing originally in the people, and being derived from them, the several magistrates and officers of government vested with authority, whether legislative, executive, or judicial, are the substitutes and agents, and are at all times accountable to them."

David McCullough, Adams' biographer, said that we should all stop complaining, and that the money was "very well spent by good people"! (I'm sure he had just had a very elegant luncheon at some elite Boston venue!) I've read McCollough's biography of John Adams. I don't remember reading any discussion there of homosexual "marriage". Or even of homosexuality. Or even of sexuality.

And don't miss Senator Teddy's brutish comments, just hours after Terry Schiavo's death. (From The Boston Globe, 4/1/05:)

"Among the officials attending were US Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer, US Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, and Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

"Kennedy used the ceremony to condemn President Bush and Congress for thrusting themselves into the Terri Schiavo case, calling it an insult to Adams' memory.

"Speaking only 6½ hours after the severely brain-damaged woman died at a Florida hospice, Kennedy said efforts by Bush and Congress to intervene were an egregious intrusion in a legal battle that state courts had litigated.

'' 'They are seeking to take away the independence of the judiciary, the crown jewel in our system of government,' Kennedy said, 'so that they can advance their own ideological agenda of the day.' "

About a dozen Article 8 protesters showed up outside the "John Adams Courthouse" during the dedication ceremony. The demonstration permit was confined to the Ashburton Place (back) side. (Why is a permit needed???) Carefully watched by Boston City Police, Mass. state troopers (on foot and mounted), plainclothes officers (easy to spot), and building security, they peacefully displayed banners and signs:

End Gay Marriage -- Remove Marshall
End Judicial Tyranny
Marshall Not Impartial
Same-Sex Marriage is STILL NOT LEGAL

FIRST AMENDMENT ALERT: Plaques on the Pemberton Square/Center Plaza side of the courthouse declare that it is off limits to demonstrations, per order of the Courts Commission. Freedom of speech and assembly? Not at the Massachusetts Imperial Judicial Palace! Sounds like it's time for a protest on the Pemberton Square side of the building?

HALL OF SHAME: Corporate & Institutional Sponsors of the Radical Homosexual Agenda

[UPDATED on 1/15/06.]
How have the radical homosexual activists managed to shake down our major corporations so successfully? How can the management of our most prominent businesses and institutions openly promote this unhealthy, and culturally destabilizing "lifestyle"? Even major hospitals and health care companies sponsor the AIDS Action Committee of Mass., responsible for publishing the dangerous and pornographic Little Black Book, which encourages young men to participate in dangerous sexual practices. (Meanwhile, traditional pro-family groups struggle to get the funding needed to counter this dangerous propaganda.)

What cowards America's management elite are -- unable to stand up to being called "homophobes" (that made-up, meaningless word!). Unable to argue that this is not an issue of "fairness", but of granting special privileges to a group identifiable only by abnormal and perverted sexual behaviors. SEE THE LIST OF CORPORATE SPONSORS below.

Besides outright financial sponsorship, many businesses give other forms of support, such as paid advertising and allowing free distribution points (easily accessible by children) for Bay Windows (Boston's GLBT newspaper). The paper is full of X-rated stories, homosexual propaganda, and perverted pornogaphic personal ads. (Their online paper includes outrightly pornographic personal ads.)

You can see Bay Windows blue vending boxes all over, possibly in front of YOUR local post office! The paper says their "mission is to reach you wherever you are." Click here for the shocking list of places where you can pick up Bay Windows around the state. Besides most of the universities, major bookstores, public libraries, you'll find it at Boston City Hall, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston Center for Adult Education, Whole Foods Markets, etc.

GET USED TO IT. THIS IS WHAT "GAY MARRIAGE" INCLUDES. Pornography and perversion on our streetcorners, in our supermarkets, in our public libraries. AND YOU CAN'T OBJECT. (OR CAN YOU?)

Here are just some of the major businesses and institutions openly supporting the radical homosexual movement in Massachusetts, and some of the biggest natioinal sponsors. This list includes advertisers in Bay Windows.
[Sources: Bay Windows, Boston Pride,,, Greater Boston Business Council, Human Rights Campaign, Boston Spirit magazine, AIDS Action Committee of Mass., WorldNetDaily.]

Absolut Vodka
Abt Associates
A.C. Cruise LIne
Allstate Insurance Superstores
Amenity Windows
American Airlines
American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Assoc.
American Express
American Express Financial Advisors

American Repertory Theatre
Apple Computers
Arlington Street Church, Boston
Art's Dune Tours, P'town
Back Bay Financial Group
Bank of America

Bank of America Celebrity Series
Barnes & Noble
Bay State Cruise Company/ Provincetown II
Beacon Group Real Estate
Beaulieu Vineyard
Ben & Jerry's
Best Buy
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Bingham McCutchen LLP

Bluechip Realty Group
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass.

BMC Cosmetic Center (Div. Boston Univ.)
J J Bodner Insurance
Borders Bookstore
Boston Art Tours
Boston Ballet
Boston Business Journal

Boston Community Capital
Boston Design Center
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Boston Public Health Commission
Bradford Auto Park & Wax
Brattle Bookshop
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Calnan Real Estate, Randolph
Campus Tan, Boston
Canada Tourism Commission
Cape Air
Cape Shores Real Estate
Capital One
Captain Morgan Rum

Carlson GMAC Real Estate, Newburyport
Casual Male Retail Group
Centaur Music
Charles Street Inn
Chase Home Finance

Circle Surrogacy, Boston
Citizens' Bank

Clarion Hotel, Northampton
Classic Imported Designs, Inc.
ClearChannel Communications
Climate Technologies
Coca-Cola Co.
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Colonnade Hotel, Boston
College Club of Boston

Commonwealth Financial Network
Coors Brewing Co.
Cose Belle Design, Essex
Countrywide Home Loans, Tremont St, Boston
Courtyard Marriott/Boston Copley Sq.
Credit Suisse First Boston
Crescent Realty Group, South Shore
Crew Creative Advertising
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Natick
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Davio's Restaurant
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Delta Airlines

Dolphin Fleet Whalewatch
Donohue Real Estate, Dedham
Dorchester Real Estate
Earth Angel Yachts
Eastern Bank
Eaton Vance Managed Investments
Edwards & Angell LLP

Eliot Hotel, Boston
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Ernst & Young

Euroports Iron & Antiques, Raynham
Evergreen Investments

Fidelity Investments
Fitness Together
First Horizon Home Loans
Five Star Travel Services
(formerly) Fleet Bank

Ford Motor Co.
Freeport Tavern, Boston
General Mills
General Motors
Gibson Domain Domain

Gill Foundation

Glaxo Smith Kline
GMAC Mortgage
Goldman Sachs
Gondola di Venezia

Grand Circle Corp.
Greenpark Mortgage
Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
Growing Generations
Guidance Mortgage, Boston
Haemonetics Corp.
Harborside Realty
Hartford Insurance
Harvard Bookstore
Harvard Medical School
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation
Harvard Sq. Cinema
Harvard University
Harvard Vanguard Medical Assocs.

Hill Holliday
Hilton Hotels

Holiday Inn Boxborough
Holland & Knight
Home for Little Wanderers
HomeVest Mortgage Co.
Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge
Huntington Theatre Co.
Hyatt Regency Cambridge

IDG List Group
Independent Tax Operators' Assoc.
In Style Transportation
InterSystems Corp
Ira Motor Group
Jesuit Urban Center
Jewish Family & Children's Service
John Hancock Insurance
Johnson Family Foundation

Jordan's Furniture
Jose Cuervo

JP Morgan Chase
Jury's Boston Hotel
Kaiser Family Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Keezer's Classic Clothing
Keller Williams Realty, Salem
Kendall Square Cinema
Kessler Family Foundation
Kiehl's Pharmacy

Kitchen Center, Framingham
Korn/Ferry International

Kraft Foods
Langham Hotel Boston
Laser Skin Care Solutions, Needham
Lee Hecht Harrison
Lehman Brothers
Levine Chapels
Liberty Mutual
Liberty Travel
Lucent Technologies
Maple Cliff Real Estate Services, Northborough
Mass. Council on Tourism
Mass. Dept of Public Health, HIV/AIDS Bureau
Mass. General Hospital
Mass. Horticultural Society

Mass. Institute of Technology
Mass. Medical Society
Mass. School of Law at Andover
Mellon New England
Mercer HR Consulting

Merck & Co.
Merrill Lynch
Metro Realty Corp., Brookline
Metropolitan Mortgage, Providence

Mill Creek Condominiums, Chelsea
Miller Brewery
Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Co.
Molson Brewing Co.
Moose Meadow Lodge, Vermont

Mortgage Advisors Inc, Mass/RI
Mountainview Grand Resort, Whitefiled NH
Movie Place, Tremont St, Boston

MTV Networks
Nadeau Furniture Warehouse
Neena's Lighting
Neighborhood Health Plan, A. Ramker
New England Conservatory
Newbridge Realty, Brookline
Newbury Comics

Nine Zero Hotel, Boston
NorthStar Asset Mgt.
Novations/J. Howard & Associates

Olde Bostonian Architectural Antiques
Odyssey Cruises
Office Gallery International, Norwood
Olivia Travel
Onyx Hotel
Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)
Orbitz Travel
Our Secret Bridal, Canton
Partners HealthCare
Pathways to Wellness

Pioneer Investments
Pfizer Inc.
Philip Morris Cos.
Planet Subaru/Chrysler Jeep
Poirier Appliances (Newton, Norwood)
Precision Fitness Equipment
Pride Mortgage

Princess Yacht Charters
Prudential Financial
Prudential Prime Properties, Jamaica Plain
Prudential Maxfield & Co RE
Quality Major Appliances, Newton
Real Networks
Regis College
Remax Boston, S. Schropfer
Remax Bayside, Cape Cod

Remax Melrose, E. Cashwell
Replacements, Ltd.

Saab Nashua North, NH
Seyfarth & Shaw LLP

Shell Oil
Sheraton Boston
Sheraton Grand Resort, Bahamas
Sherwood Mortgage, Boston
Shreve Crump & Low
Skin Spa Clinic, Boston

Sona Med Spas
Sony Music
Stanhope Grille Restaurant
Stanton & Tierney RE, Hyde Park

Star 93.7 Radio
State Street

StatScript Pharmacy
Stuart Street Playhouse
Stolichnaya Vodka
Strickland Realtor, Boston
Summit Mortgage

Sun Life Financial
Symphony Properties
Terry Watanabe Foundation
Thornton Real Estate
Touch of Klass Bridal, Canton
TJX Companies
Trader Joe's

Truro Vineyards
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine
UBS Investment Bank
United Liquors Ltd.
United Way of Mass. Bay
Valente Insurance, Dorchester
Veri Realty

Virgin Megastore
Visteon Corp.


Wainwright Bank
Walt Disney Co.
Wang Center for the Performing Arts
Washington Mutual Home Loans
Westin Copley Hotel, Boston
WCVB-TV5 (w BostonTheatreScene)
Wells Fargo
West Newton Cinema
WFNX Radio (owned by Boston Phoenix)
WHDH-TV/Ch. 7 Boston

Whole Foods Markets
Wyndham Westborough Hotel
Xerox Corp.
Yale Applicance & Lighting, Boston