Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dan Kennedy's Hateful Rant

We often point out that the HATERS are on the other side. They not only call us dissenters nasty names. They invent names for us, and they invent "rights" for themselves -- so they have more, new ways of shutting down debate.

Dan Kennedy of the Boston Phoenix yesterday called the author of this blog a "gutless anonymous homophobe"!! Can you imagine?? (Well, at least he provided a link, and traffic has picked up!)

Dan Kennedy is very proud of the paper he works for. Proud of a paper with the raunchiest, most perverted "personal ads" imaginable. I hadn't looked at the Phoenix myself for about 20 years, but -- due to this new line of work -- felt I needed to get up to date. What a surprise I was in for! The ads for the "she-males" caught my attention. How innocent I was. I guess I didn't really know what "transsexual" meant till I saw these.

Is it "homophobic" to have nausea overcome you when you see ads (with photos) for:

Angie TS*
She-Male -- Pre-op
Fully Functional -- In/Out
5'8" 36C - 24 - 36

[*I think this means transsexual, but I'm not sure...]

Or how about this ad:

New in town
38dd - 24- 38 - 9"ff

["ff"? I guess that's "fully functional" as in the 1st ad, and I don't really want to think about what it means. The 9" measurement must be fairly obvious.]

Gee Dan, you must be so proud of supporting this perverted, dark underbelly of our society. Where's YOUR compassion? Can you truly not know that these are very unhappy, troubled people who need help?

Well, Dan doesn't want to think too hard about that. He does enjoy collecting his paycheck, funded by the dirty money from such ads. And he'd rather just make fun of Article 8 and MassResistance.

I'm sure Dan would enjoy hearing from other "gutless anonymous homophobes". Dan's email:

Here's Dan's hideous little piece in the Phoenix:
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

HOMOPHOBIA ON (AND OFF) THE RACKS. Brian Camenker and his merry band of hatemongers at the Article 8 Alliance are at it again. For weeks, they've been pushing for a ban on the gay-and-lesbian newspaper Bay Windows at local supermarkets. The Herald's Greg Gatlin has the latest today, reporting that the paper has, indeed, been dropped at Stop & Shop and Shaw's.
But it looks like Camenker's victory might be temporary - a spokesman for Stop & Shop says Bay Windows is likely to be back if the two sides can work out a deal to carry the paper without the personal ads. The spokesman adds that the Boston Phoenix is not carried for the same reason. (I didn't know that! Oh, well.)
The Article 8 folks, bless their twisted little hearts, have also included a link to
this Washington Blade article about what you can do to get Bay Windows back on the racks. Thanks, Brian.
And here's a
gutless anonymous homophobe with a blog who's getting involved in the action.
Good grief. I need a shower.

Dan, you need more than a shower.