Friday, April 29, 2005

Dan Kennedy, Scorekeeping, Stop & Shop, etc.

So ... Dan Kennedy of the Boston Phoenix Media Watch is keeping score:

"Free Speech-2, Homophobes-0."

Isn't that clever? Well, I'd say someone infinitely higher up is keeping score, and so far Dan looks like a big ZERO. But we're glad to know he and his fans are regular readers of MassResistance and the Article 8 website.

P.S. Don't forget to contact Stop & Shop and Shaw's supermarkets, and tell them to keep Bay Windows out of their stores. Remind them that they'll see stories on the Pope's penis and lesbian anal sex right in the EDITORIAL section of that paper. It's not just the "personals" that were the problem.

Stop & Shop Supermarket Companies
P.O. Box 55888 Boston, MA 02205

Mr. Marc Smith, CEO
Direct line: 617-770-7122
Mary (president’s assistant) 617-770-8735

Robert Keane, spokesman (quoted in Washington Blade)

Kathleen Carroll, Mgr., Consumer Affairs

Stop & Shop feedback form


Shaws / Star Markets

Mrs. Nicola DeFelice, President
P.O. Box 600 E Bridgewater, MA 02333

Shaw's feedback form

Mr. Terry Donilon Director, Public Relations
508-378-3020 ext 33318