Friday, April 22, 2005

Dan Kennedy & WRKO AM680 Slam MassResistance

For one-half hour during drive time today, Boston's left-wing media elitist Dan Kennedy (joined by Scotto) slammed MassResistance.

Why is Dan Kennedy of the Boston Phoenix (and oh yes, "Professor" at Northeastern) so wildly upset about Article 8 Alliance's successful campaign to remove a pornographic, hard-core homosexual newspaper from supermarkets? He can still get his free copy of Bay Windows at Condom World, the Marquis de Sade whip store, Fenway Health Center, and the AIDS Action Committee.

And why spend so much time ridiculing this blog if it's such a silly, ineffectual voice? And Dan, how would you know who the author is? Are you in touch with the radical, wacko members of that community who are researching, stalking, and threatening people on our side who have the COURAGE to speak out? Remember, there are many reasons for "anonymity".

Dan: You revealed that I was right in my first response to your hateful rant: YOU ARE NOT ASHAMED TO BE TAKING DIRTY MONEY. You said on the show that those Phoenix ads "have kept the Kennedy kids fed and clothed for many years." And then you made fun of our watchdog group (do you know what that means?) for keeping an eye on where the culture is moving, paying attention to such ads, and warning parents.

Dan, maybe it's time for you to study the ads in the Phoenix. (Shouldn't a professor be as fully informed as we are?) And understand that transsexualism (including surgical removal of body parts) is being preached in our high schools as just fine and normal! It seems to be the latest trendy thing in the homosexual activist world.

It's obvious that the left and radical homosexuals have had a free fun for so many years, they don't know how to handle ANY challenge.

And hey, Scotto: Don't you get the pink and lavender color scheme? The Resistance is taking it back, just like we're going to take back our government in Massachusetts!