Friday, April 08, 2005

Parent to a Mass. Principal: Cancel “Day of Silence” !

Dear Principal,

Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me yesterday, when I expressed my strongest possible objections to the school’s plan to participate in the “Day of Silence” next Wednesday, April 13. I requested that you cancel the event. You refused. But now that you’ve had a chance to look over the information I gave you, I hope you will change your mind.

If the event proceeds, the school will be in violation of the Massachusetts Parental Notification law, Chapter 71: Section 32A.

As I explained, my objections are not only on behalf of my [child], but I am concerned for the safety and health of ALL students at the high school. To recap what was said at our meeting:

The “Day of Silence” is really about persuading students to accept homosexuality, and getting them to view it as a “civil rights” issue. It is a most appalling way to play with our children’s minds, linking legitimate civil rights issues with the radical homosexual movement.

Parents have not been informed of this event, either by letter or published school calendars. Even if they had been, there would be no way for them to effectively opt their child out, since the activity takes place all day long throughout the school. Parents who object can only choose to keep their children home to protect them from these offensive sexual and political messages. [X High School] will clearly be violating the Massachusetts Parental Notification law if it proceeds with the event, and the Advisory Opinion from the Massachusetts Department of Education (April 7, 1997) confirms this.

For the administration to hide behind the façade of it being a “student-initiated, student-run” activity is dishonest. I gave you materials from the and websites. As you could see, there is a huge national organization of well-funded homosexual activists behind this event, adept at manipulating people. Not only are they manipulating our children, they are manipulating the public servants who are entrusted with the care of our children. I ask you again to think very seriously about your public trust.

For you to have compared this event to something SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) might sponsor was absurd. SADD’s goal is to preserve the health and lives of young people. But GLSEN (including the gay clubs and events they inspire in high schools) does quite the opposite: It draws many of our young people into an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. You seemed to be unaware of the health risks (both physical and psychological) of homosexual sex and the “lifestyle”. So I hope you will take time to read the articles I left with you by Dr. John Diggs and NARTH.

At the same time, you mentioned you’d been to several funerals for young alumni of [X HS] who had died of AIDS. Weren’t these needless deaths? These young men were obviously infected in their teens by older men. Did [X HS] play a role in encouraging these boys to think homosexual behavior was a fine, healthy choice? That is exactly the message students get from the [X HS] gay club, and events such as the “Day of Silence”.

I also gave you the “Fistgate” audiotape (with explanatory articles). This exposed GLSEN in the act of instructing our high school teachers and students in dangerous and perverted sex practices. This happened in 2000 right here in Massachusetts. You also received a copy of audiotape, “The homosexual agenda in the Massachusetts schools”.

You did not seem to know what “GLBT” stood for, at least not the “Bisexual” and “Transgender/Transsexual” part. So I gave you a copy of a pamphlet recently handed out to students at Newton North High School, which explains transgender issues in a way that makes it all seem very normal. I told you how the author of that pamphlet, who was a speaker at that school in 2003 advocating sex-change operations to the students, had attended that high school herself. She first heard of transgenderism in her math class! She went on to have hormone injections and breast removal surgery. Now, she is a transsexual activist, identifying as a male. (This is all documented in articles in the Newton Tab and school newspapers.) Is this what you want for the students at [X HS]? Is this protecting the health and well-being of your students?

I was also disturbed by your statement that your guide is the pamphlet from the American Association of School Administrators, on how to deal with legal matters surrounding sexuality issues in the schools. This turns out to be written by several national organizations, several of which have a long history of supporting the radical homosexual agenda in the schools. They even cite the most radical homosexual activist groups as their sources: GLSEN, Lambda Legal, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Hardly an unbiased view. More important, this national administrators’ group has no authority to address Massachusetts law in this area.

I ask you again to reconsider your plans to go forward with this event. Wouldn’t it just be better to cancel this event, so it won’t come back to haunt you? I look forward to your response.


c: Superintendent
School Committee
Massachusetts Dept. of Education