Sunday, April 24, 2005

Boston Globe Reports on Crystal Meth & AIDS

Is the Boston Globe guilty of hate speech for pointing out a serious public health issue in the homosexual community? "Crystal meth threat growing; Gays' use in N.E. fueling HIV fears" , reads today's page-one headline.

"Crystal meth, a highly potent, dangerously addictive drug that swept the West Coast and spawned crime waves in the nation's heartland, is slowly establishing a foothold in New England, prompting campaigns by public health authorities and medical specialists to stop small outbreaks of use from raging into wildfires....

"The drug works by increasing the availability of a chemical messenger in the brain called dopamine. And that substance is a prime mover in the cerebral pathways that engender pleasure and excitement...."

In this story, a former editor at Bay Windows tells of his own addiction and escape from the clutches of the drug. But I guess he's still in the "lifestyle".