Tuesday, April 05, 2005

FEAR NOT !!! Silence the "Day of Silence"

Go ahead. Make an appointment with your Superintendent or Principal. Get them to stop this insidious Day of Propaganda.

Why are so many of my (well-meaning) friends writing me about getting permission for holding a "Day of Truth" (advocated by the Dobson crowd) to "balance" or "counteract" the Day of Silence?

"Oh please, Mr. Principal, we'll be polite. Just let our Christian club hold a meeting after school. Maybe we could have just one poster in the cafeteria? Please?"

The very idea of trying to balance EVIL makes me sick. You call evil by its name and expunge it. You don't balance it. There is no compromise!

FEAR NOT ! Make an appointment with your school officials. Tell them that what the Day of Silence is really about is perverted sexual behavior, the undermining of society and traditional values. It won't work to ask for "equal time." Tell them to stop this event from taking place in the school. Period.