Saturday, April 09, 2005

Judiciary Committee Tries to Bury Bill to Remove Judges!

Who controls the Massachusetts Legislature?

Once again, the radical homosexuals show their power in the State House. The Judiciary Committee has tried to sneak a hearing past us on the Bill of Address to remove the homosexual marriage judges. But we found out in time! The "gays", apparently, had plenty of notice that this hearing was coming up. But not the pro-family group behind the bill -- and not even the bill's sponsor, State Rep. Goguen!

Well, the Massachusetts RESISTANCE MOVEMENT needs to be at the State House this Tuesday, April 12, at 1:00 in Room B-2.

From the latest Article 8 Alliance update:

Very strange – No public notice given by the committee, just an obscure posting on a State House bulletin board !! The sponsors of the bill weren’t even notified. (Nothing on normal State House notification venues: official letters & email to reps, legislature’s Web site.)

Sleazy, disgusting tactic by committee chairmen to keep public from showing up & testifying for the Bill of Address. Is this what we elect our representatives to do??

Call these committee chairmen BEFORE TUESDAY and DEMAND that they STOP the sleaze. That this is serious. That they schedule a hearing with proper notice. At a time that’s convenient to working people (not public officials)!

House Chairman:
Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty (D-Chelsea)
Office: 617-722-2396
Home: 617-889-5703

Senate Chairman:
Sen. Robert Creedon (D-Brockton)
Office: 617-722-1200
Home: 508-584-1975

Current scheduled hearing at:
Tuesday, April 12
1:00 PM
State House, Room B-2
Boston, Massachusetts

FRIDAY, APR. 8. The Bill of Address to Remove the Judges, along with two other bills that legally restore traditional marriage to Massachusetts – possibly the most earthshaking legislation in this session’s agenda – appear to be purposely being buried from sight by the Joint Judiciary Committee. These bills must pass through the Joint Judiciary Committee before they can get to a full vote of the Legislature.

In the Legislature, when committees such as Judiciary are considering a bill, a public hearing is scheduled for members of the public to be heard. Usually, several weeks’ notice is given. The sponsors and co-sponsors are notified by phone call, mail, and email, and in recent years the hearing dates have been posted on the State House Web site.

But apparently not this time. This afternoon our office was doing a routine check of the State House Web site. Nothing about any public hearings. Just to make sure, we called the Judiciary Committee, and identified ourselves as Article 8. A secretary spoke to us and said, yes, there’s a hearing next week. We asked what bills were being included. She said, “I don’t know.” We pressed her. “Constitutional issues,” she said, and that we’d have to talk to someone else.

We called back. After pressing the issue, we finally were told that our bills were being included. We were told that the information had been posted on a bulletin board outside the committee room (???) two days ago! We asked why it wasn’t on the web site, or anywhere else. “I don’t know,” we were told.

Needless to say, Rep. Emile Goguen, sponsor of all three bills, said that he is extremely upset that his office was given no notice of the public hearing. He had heard the news from us! Nor had any of the sponsors heard anything, we now know.

This appears to be a deliberate attempt to subvert the public’s knowledge of the hearing, and keep us from “bothering” them with our opinion, so they can quietly bury these bills. This is very hot stuff, exactly the kind of thing most Massachusetts legislators want to avoid at any cost. We saw last year, during the sham of a Constitutional Convention.

We say: TOO BAD. We demand that our elected officials do the right thing. Call them up before Tuesday and let them know that a free government is important to you. But, if necessary, be prepared, if possible, to come to the State House on Tuesday afternoon!

We’ll keep you informed of all developments.

NOTE: At this same hearing, the committee will be considering the homosexual lobby’s bills to allow non-residents go get legal Massachusetts same-sex “marriages” (and create havoc around the country) and to make same-sex “marriages” legal in statute (the opposite of what we’re doing). However, the homosexual lobby has apparently been informed well in advance, and appears to have their people organized and mobilized to attend!