Sunday, June 12, 2005

8-Year-Old Expresses Natural Revulsion at "Gay Pride March"

The Boston Globe reports that yesterday's "Gay Pride March" saw 8,000 marchers and 200,000 spectators. Note the bias of the Globe headline: "Gays march for pride and justice" ! What a lovely parade it was:

"The event had a laid-back feel, as marchers -- some in leather vests, some in polo shirts, some in not very much at all -- made their way from Copley Square through the South End and on to Boylston Street in the hot weather.

"As usual, there were plenty of explicit displays of sexuality -- shirtless men in skimpy underwear dancing on floats and women wearing nothing but tape over their breasts.

"A trio of men protesting President Bush, wearing women's bathing suits with wigs, sent Elijah Berger, 8, scampering into his father's Berkeley Street restaurant, Laurel Grill & Bar. 'Being that it was his first pride parade, he was shocked to see men wearing women's bathing suits,' said his father, Russ Berger.

Who wouldn't be revolted?

But the Boston Globe (and the father?) implies this little boy just needs re-education (it was only his first time, after all). His reaction indicates his coercive indoctrination center (a.k.a. public school) has NOT done its job! How pleased the Globe must be with this family, who celebrated the perversion on the street:

"A number of onlookers said the parade was less racy than in the past. Beth Niernberg, 39, of Brookline, said she did not hesitate to bring her three young children, who set up camp in front of the Hard Rock Cafe on Clarendon Street.

"In another sign of the parade's increasing appeal to the mainstream, dozens of corporations, political campaigns, and church groups marched alongside gay activist organizations and dance club floats pumping house music."

One corporate sponsor (included in our "Hall of Shame"), Wainwright Bank, sponsored a float with "a blonde drag queen wearing a beaded yellow gown on a truck decorated with marigolds, daisies, and petunias." For another man who "wore a pink mohawk, a glittery feather boa, and sparkly jewels glued to his face, flamboyance itself was a political statement. 'If anything, the political climate of the past year has made me want to be out here even more,' " he said.

That's exactly the problem. You WILL be seeing much more of this perversion on our streets and in public places. If your little 8-year-old boy flees the scene in revulsion, you had better re-educate him, or you'll be called a BIGOT.