Saturday, June 04, 2005

Red Sox Fall for Queer Propaganda

Hitler used the Nuremberg stadium for his propaganda rallies. Now, the queer activists have somehow secured Fenway Park for their latest assault on normal Americans!

One of the "stars" of the Bravo series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" will be throwing out the first pitch at Sunday's Red Sox game. And some of the Sox players are featured in a "Queer Eye" episode set to air June 7. All to celebrate "Gay Pride" week here in Boston.

We're told to "lighten up", it's all just good fun, according to the Boston Globe ("Sox prove good sports primping for 'Queer Eye' "). Did you get that? If you don't go along with this queer politicization of Red Sox Nation, YOU are the bad sport. Sadly, the players don't understand how they're being used by the savvy queer propaganda movement. From the Globe:

"Who said gay was bad?" [Sox player Kevin] Millar says at one point, swathed in a white bathrobe, sinking his feet into a tub of water laced with rose petals. "I am now gay!"

But as we all know, gay doesn't just mean soaking your feet in rose water. It's more usually connected with activities described in the Little Black Book, which often leads to lives filled with loneliness, unhappiness, and disease.

Thank God for WEEI "sports-talk agitators" (as the Globe calls them), who still know in their gut that this stuff is bad for America. For this, and pitcher Mike Timlin's honesty, they are castigated by the Globe: "[They] have been working to drum up outrage about the cross-promotions ... and goaded reliever Mike Timlin into joining in. (He said, on the air, that gays are 'not living correctly'.)"

Sen. Jarrett Barrios, openly "gay" state senator, says it's the critics of "Queer Eye" at Fenway who are making the queer opening pitch at Fenway a political issue. (Boston Herald, "Some see Red over Sox pitch for 'Queer' " .) Excuse me? The queers have politicized the ball game.

A group defined only by its sexual behavior, which happens to be demanding special rights (e.g., "marriage") across the country through political means, is now receiving special recognition by the Red Sox management. We all know that "Queer Eye" is not just innocent old-Disney-style entertainment -- it's politicized entertainment.

The Globe makes the propaganda technique of "Queer Eye" crystal clear (perhaps without intending to do so):

"But another advance is the way the show plays with old stereotypes of sports machismo. There's something deliciously modern about watching Mirabelli, hand extended delicately for a manicure, razzing Millar about his hair. And about the mix of fear and pride on Wakefield's face when Carson Kressley sits on his lap, pats him encouragingly on the shoulder, and says, 'You're so good; you're so comfortable!'

"That has always been the best conceit of ''Queer Eye": the way it acknowledges its straight protagonists' unease, then watches them evolve. Most episodes end with their deep appreciation for the Fab Five's humanity and practical tips." [Emphasis added.]

No, this isn't just something we should "lighten up" about. It's very serious business. Check out Congressperson Barney Frank's proposed hate crimes legislation. And look at Canada and Sweden, where not a word can be uttered or printed criticizing homosexuality. It won't be long before they start using stadiums for public floggings of the "intolerant" citizens who courageously speak out, once speaking the truth becomes a "hate crime" ... unless America wakes up.