Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lexington Homosexual Activists Can't Handle the Truth, Blind to Irony

Permit MassResistance this observation: The radical homosexual activists have no sense of humor, no sense of irony, no subtlety, and little sense of imagination. And clearly, they are unhappy and angry people.

It came to our attention that Lexington uber-activist Meg Soen's "wife", Cecilia d'Oliveira, published a letter in the Lexington Minuteman today attacking yours truly. She seems not to have gotten the points intended by this blog's various references to the GLBTQI crowd in Lexington. Yes, we did write these words: "the jackbooted thugs currently in control of the Lexington schools"; "the fascists of Lexington are marching in lockstep!"; "Lexington lemmings"; and (MassResistance's favorite) "Lexington LGBTQI Fourth Reichers".

So let us try to explain to our friends what they just don't get:

  • We thought we'd treat the radical homosexual activists and their fellow travelers to their own tactics, and call them some names. They don't like it very much.
  • The Nazi allusion is a particular favorite with radical homosexuals for branding their opponents. Brian Camenker (director of Article 8), who is Jewish, has often been called "Mr. Hitler" and "Nazi". Ironies abound here. It is the radical homosexuals who are experts in Hitlerian propaganda, and who are perfecting totalitarian thought-control, defining their concept of "hate speech" and hate crimes", and repeating their BIG LIES that unnatural sex practices and family structures are perfectly natural and a "civil right" to boot.
  • This blog has also pointed out that Ms. d'Oliveira's "wife" Meg Soens led a workshop at GLSEN's infamous "Fistgate" conference in 2000 on how to incorporate gay and lesbian issues into the elementary curriculum. Sound familiar? See Who's In a Family, the arrest of David Parker, etc. (Oh, but we forgot... There's no homosexual curriculum in the schools!) What a coincidence Ms. Soens is a parent at the same school with the Parker family.... Funny, Ms. d'Oliveira doesn't mention these facts in her letter, though she does note we're looking at something "statewide" going on. (Yeah, there's homosexual propaganda in every school in Massachusetts, not just in Lexington!)

We suspect that Ms. d'Oliveira is also burning mad because we linked to Meg's and her "wedding" photo.

P.S. Article 8 Alliance is behind anti-judicial-tyranny legislation, not "anti-judicial" legislation (as Ms. d'Oliveira labels it). And Article 8 is behind anti-gay-"marriage" legislation, not "anti-gay legislation". This means we're happy for Cecilia and Meg to live together. Just don't make us, and our children, call it "marriage".