Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gay Pride Flags Fly Without Court Order in Massachusetts

In Florida, a federal judge orders the city of St. Augustine to fly "gay" pride flags on a major bridge. In Massachusetts, no such orders are needed. The homosexual activists, along with their fellow travelers and fools like Mayor Menino of Boston, already control the flagpoles and schools halls of this "commonwealth".

Last Friday in Boston, in honor of "Gay Pride Week", the rainbow flag was raised at City Hall Plaza. At the Glenn Middle School in Bedford, the rainbow "freedom" flag has been hanging in the hall with flags of nations for over a year. Who needs federal judges here?

From WorldNetDaily:
A federal judge is siding with homosexual activists in America's oldest city, ordering St. Augustine, Fla., to fly 49 "gay-pride" flags on its Bridge of Lions.

...[The judge's] decision was based in part on First Amendment violations and "irreparable harm and loss if they are prohibited from flying their rainbow flags during the week of the annual gay pride celebration," according to the Florida Times-Union.

... The "gay-pride" flag, designed by Gilbert Baker, debuted in 1978 at San Francisco's Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade, with the colors said to represent life, healing, the sun, harmony and spirit.