Monday, June 06, 2005

Margery Eagan's Obsessions

Margery Eagan, for some reason hired by the Boston Herald as a columnist, has a curious obsession, or two. First, she seems to be obsessed by the issue of homosexuality. I guess she has plenty of company on that score, at least in this state.

But what of her obsession with our friend Brian Camenker (director of Article 8 Alliance)? For the second time in a month, she has singled him out for abusive treatment in her not-so-witty column. Why? Is he dashingly handsome? (I think not. ... Sorry, Brian.) Has she been publicly debating him? (No.) Has she been calling him on the phone to chat? (No.)

It must annoy her no end that he points out the BIG LIE of the "gay" movement. While most of the "elite" of this state have agreed to avert their eyes to the public health scandal of homosexual sex, Brian refuses to do so. And he refuses to let the lisping, self-professed intellectuals intimidate him.

Margery's back must be up because she knows in her gut that her "chic" acceptance of all things "gay" is, as Brian puts it, "a house of cards". And when it comes crashing down, Margery will be exposed for the fool she has always been. Her sour attacks on a man of courage and principle suggest her own insecurities.

Today's column makes fun of Brian for his objection (quoted in a Herald story) to the "Queer Eye" guys throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game. From her childish and bitchy screed, here's her amateurish attempt to link Brian and Fred Phelps (of the wacky Kansas Westboro Baptist Church [WBC] protesters):

"I am of course aware that many people find nothing funny in all this foolishness [queer pitching at Fenway Park]. Indefatigable anti-gay crusader Brian Camenker, for one. He's a veritable Energizer Bunny in the war to preserve what's righteous and pure. He's outraged. Again. ... Maybe Brian and Fred would like their own movie title: 'The Unnatural'? Think they'd like that? But how natural, or not, are these two in the wee, wee hours?"

Margery does get a bit carried away with her sexual innuendoes in this piece. But more to the point, doesn't she realize that Fred's group doesn't like Jews (Brian is Jewish), Catholics (many of the Article 8 supporters are Catholic), or David Parker? They are all on the WBC hit list, too.