Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mr. Hetero Contest Drawing Angry Protesters

Looking for an interesting night out? Plan to be at Mechanics Hall in Worcester next Saturday (Feb. 18) at 5:30 p.m. Rev. Tom Crouse (of the Holland Congregational Church), who hosts a radio show out of Worcester called "Engaging Your World," is obviously not afraid to engage his world. And the radical homosexuals are enraged by his attempt to remind Massachusetts that there is such a thing as a normal, proper model to emulate!

Gay pride parades, the "Queer Games" in Chicago, drag/queer proms, "bareback mounting" movies, Orbitz queer travel pages, "Queer As Folk" TV shows, etc. are all the rage, with heteros expected to approve or keep quiet. But Rev. Crouse has had enough of such propaganda, and thought he'd counter it with a little truth.

The Mr. Hetero website calls the event, "A real competition that will bring fun and laughter as we celebrate God's design." From that site:

Tom has been called by the homosexual activists everything from Osama Bin Laden- to Hitler. Why? Because he has the nerve to have an event celebrating Gods design of Heterosexuality, and also has the nerve to have at the event someone who will give testimony to the fact that Jesus Christ freed them from all their sins.

Due to all of the pressure from those activists, the original venue, the Sturbridge Host- cancelled the event two days after assuring Tom that everything was fine with having the event at their facility. Not to be deterred, Tom went to Mechanics Hall to see about the possibility of holding the event there, and that is where it will be. A bigger and better venue!

The radical homosexuals are labeling this is a "hate" event, and they're organizing a demonstration outside Mechanics Hall starting at 5:30., which organized the assault on the Focus on the Family/Love Won Out Conference at the Tremont Temple last October, is also rallying troops.

Guess who has to pay for extra police to keep the peace? Wouldn't it make sense that the disrupters should pay? But we've heard that Rev. Crouse has been told to cover for the extra police, if he wants his event to proceed!