Monday, February 06, 2006

Rep. Alice Wolf: Arrogance of Power

Wolf about to promote her Bill H1641 at Education Committee, 1-31-06

Rep. Alice Wolf, chief sponsor of H1641 -- the bill that would mandate sex/homosex ed -- has told the majority of Massachusetts citizens that they need to agree with her, or they have no business living in Massachusetts! If you don't think the state should have the final say on the moral education of your children in matters of sexuality, just leave the state!

That's a message pro-family activists are harassed with frequently in Massachusetts. The initial signers of the new marriage referendum are barraged with travel brochures in their mailboxes. Signers of the marriage petition receive phone calls from "gay" activists, calling them "homophobes." The MassResistance/Article 8 office gets emails urging their relocation to "Georgia, with the other bigots." And a pro-family activist's home has been broken into, with the message "LEAVE" left as a calling card.

The Boston Globe reported (Jan. 30, 2006 before the hearing on H1641):

The bill's main sponsor Representative Alice K. Wolf, Democrat of Cambridge said parents can have their children taken out of the sex education classes. [How can this be if it's a requirement?!] But she said the health education standards simply reflect a changing world. Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, and popular television shows portray gay and lesbian relationships.

"That's the way life is," said Wolf, who is also a member of the Legislature's Joint Education Committee. "If people don't want to accept that, I don't know where they can live."

Apparently, she doesn't want them to live in Massachusetts and bother her. This is typical of the arrogance of the liberals in our state legislature.

Not only is Wolf spreading the myth that "gay marriage is legal" in Massachusetts, she has actually performed the "marriage" ceremony for a "gay" activist (who writes about how to sneak homosexual propaganda into the public schools). And she is endorsed by all the culture-of-death groups (pro-abortion, pro-radical feminist, pro-homosexual "rights").