Saturday, February 18, 2006

Boston Globe: Consensual Sex Between Kids Normal

One of the new lines we keep running into is, "If it's consensual, it's OK!" Problematic even when applied to adults, we've started seeing this standard applied to sex involving underage children. We need to be alert to where this is going. One of the demands of homosexual activists is the lowering -- or outright overturning -- of age-of-consent laws.

Remember Judge Suzanne DelVecchio's recent opinion on letting a convicted rapist off with a suspended sentence, though his student/victim was an under 16? The judge said that since the boy who was raped was almost 16 and the sex was supposedly "consensual" (even though the victim was too young to legally consent!) -- the rapist goes free!

And today's Boston Globe runs another foul piece of "advice" in its "Ask Beth" column. A mother is worried because her 5th-grade daughter "confided that she had a sexual experience with another girl her own age." But Beth assures the mother that consensuality is all that matters, and that "experimenting" is perfectly normal. And of course even if the young girl is "gay", neither mother nor daughter should be concerned!

Beth also implies that "teen sexuality" (including "experimenting" -- as long as it's "consensual"?) should be accepted as normal. (Oh - and at what age does same-sex"experimenting" become an inborn "sexual orientation"? No answer.)

Kids her age are extremely curious and often experiment with someone of the same sex. Kissing or making out, even pretending to have sex, is common play. It is normal if it is mutual and doesn't involve coercion. Enjoying experimenting with a friend of the same gender does not mean she is gay or that it will lead to anything more.

Because your daughter was concerned that she might be gay, it is important to talk with her about why this worried her so much.... Teen sexuality is too often viewed negatively, which makes normal sexual development appear to be a disease.