Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mass. Supreme Judicial Court Delays Out-of-State Homo "Marriage" Ruling

We read in the Boston Globe today that the Supreme Judicial Court:

... has waived a self-imposed deadline for ruling whether gay couples from other states can legally marry in Massachusetts.... The Supreme Judicial Court notified lawyers on Feb. 9 that it would not issue a decision within the 130-day window after oral arguments on Oct. 6, according to the court's Web site.

Eight gay couples from surrounding states, all of whom were denied marriage licenses in Massachusetts, are challenging a 1913 law that forbids nonresidents from marrying here if their marriages would not be valid in their home states.

If the Supreme Judicial Court strikes down the law, same-sex couples from across the country could come to Massachusetts to wed and demand marriage rights at home.

We suppose the Court is hoping that Sen. Jarrett Barrios and other proud sponsors will soon pass their bills allowing out-of-state couples to marry. See Senate Bill #835 and House Bill #806.

It wasn't enough to create chaos in Massachusetts with the homosexual "marriage" ruling. The liberal elitists want the virus to spread across the country.

Again, the Boston Globe claims that "same-sex marriage became legal" here in May 2004. No, it never became legal. There was simply a court ruling. If it were law, how could there be BILLS PENDING to make it law? See House Bill #977 and Senate Bill #967.