Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why Won't Globe Say: Newton's New Principal and "HER WIFE"

We've pointed out this phenomenon before: the mainstream media realizes in its propagandistic wisdom that it simply can't push the general public too fast. While you'll read about a man and "his husband" in homosexual publications, the MSM often uses the locution "spouse" when speaking of a same-sex "married" partner. Along these lines, see this new piece in WorldNetDaily by our associate John Haskins [Parents' Rights Coalition]:

The Boston Globe: Pimping for 'gays'

An open letter to
Helen Donovan, editor of the Globe on its article "Gay principals soon take helm at both Newton high schools."

Dear Helen:

Under your supervision – or that of another of the homosexuality marketeers now running the Globe – we got this latest little goodie:

"Jennifer Price, 34, is a doctoral student at Harvard's Graduate School of Education who lives in Newton with her spouse and their two young children. She takes over at Newton North High School in July."

Now, Helen, you're not intentionally avoiding a franker use of English just so the precipitously declining readership of this once great newspaper won't be confronted with the sheer absurdity of this propaganda, are you? Why not simply write "her wife"?

The word "spouse" is really only used when one does not know or is not willing to reveal the gender, or when referring to a mixed-gender group. That is not the case here, Helen, so what are you hiding? Get on with the revolution, girl! ... [
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