Monday, February 06, 2006

Public Health Crisis of Homosexuality

Are people finally gaining the nerve to speak openly about the public health crisis of homosexuality? We've had Dr. John Diggs's article posted on this blog for some time. But the politically-correct doctrine on AIDS has silenced many, afraid to be labelled "homophobes" or "insensitive." If we care about people involved in the "lifestyle" -- as well as the more abstract "public health" -- we should speak the truth.

At last week's Education Committee hearing on mandatory sex/homosex ed (Bill H1641), some testimony addressed these public health dangers. Notably, Dr. Gilbert Lavoie, an epidemiologist, pointed out that the risk of contracting HIV through anal intercourse is five times greater than through vaginal intercourse. (This is from CDC statistics.)

Yet many sex ed curricula never warn our children of this, instead treating both types of intercourse as equivalent and equally acceptable behaviors. And the whole propaganda movement in the schools -- the gay clubs, "Day of Silence", "Ally Day" etc. -- ignore the health aspect, and just present homosexuality as a "civil rights" issue.

(We're still waiting for someone to address the plague of so-called "bisexuality", which spreads diseases from "men who have sex with men" to females.)

WorldNetDaily recently published an outline of the public health concerns with homosexuality:
  • the higher incidence of sexually transmitted disease, not only HIV/AIDS
  • risky behaviors, such as "unprotected sex" [and we might add "bug chasing"]
  • promiscuity
  • domestic abuse [a big problem in the lesbian community]
  • shortened life span: sexually active homosexual male lifespan shortened by 8-20 years (1997 study in Journal of Epidemiology)