Thursday, January 07, 2010

AFA Report 2001: GLSEN Links Children to Dangerous Websites and Adults

Time to reread one of the best summaries we’ve seen on what Kevin Jennings’ GLSEN and other homosexual activist groups are actually doing in the schools. Ed Vitagliano wrote this in 2001 in the American Family Association Journal.

Targeting Kids; Part Three: Activists Encouraging Experimentation
(American Family Association, AFA Journal, May 2001.)  
What do kids find when they access the homosexual activist groups provided as resources by the [school] pamphlet? … [In Seattle,] GLSEN’s home page was an Internet doorway into every sort of pro-homosexual venue imaginable.
One GLSEN link, for example, was to a website that welcomed young people “who are searching out their sexual orientation.” It asked young visitors, “Do you feel that you might be bisexual, gay, or lesbian? This is the place for you.” (Emphasis added by Vitagliano.)
What important information was provided to these young people? Pictures of naked same-sex teenagers embracing, a homosexual dating service where gay youth could find “partners or friends of the same sexual orientation,” and chat rooms where homosexual youth could meet others.
… other perversions accessible from GLSEN’s web page included homosexual pornography, stories which included same-sex incestuous acts between fathers and sons, videos on sadomasochism, and listings for phone sex and live sex shows. Also available were free images showing naked men, genitalia, and oral sex acts.”
Thus young people, who may truly be confused about their sexuality or simply curious, are literally “funneled” from schools through supposedly protective activist groups into the world of the homosexual lifestyle. And once there, susceptible children can be lured into homosexual pornography, same-sex friendships and, ultimately, participation in homosexual activity. …
“Fresh meat” for homosexual adults
But experimentation among teens and their peers is not the only concern for parents. Teens confused about their sexuality often consummate their first same-sex experience with an older homosexual, and statistics demonstrate that such first sexual experiences are a powerful force for molding sexual identity.
Journalist David Lipsky spent nine months traveling the U.S. and interviewing homosexual teenagers about their lifestyles, culminating in an article written for Rolling Stone. Although the tone of Lipsky’s article was sympathetic to homosexual youth, one of the things he found was a fluid interaction between homosexuals of different ages.
In Altanta, for example, Lipsky said, “Young gay life functions as a kind of adjunct to adult gay life, with a lot of back-and-forth slippage.” There is even a lexicon of terms that describe the sexual interplay between adults and young homosexuals. One of those terms is “chicken hawk,” which describes adult male homosexuals who try to have sex with teens who have just come out of the closet – who are thus “chickens,” or “fresh meat.” …