Friday, January 08, 2010

More on Kevin Jennings' Tectonic Theater Connection

Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar,” is President of the Board of the Tectonic Theater Project. Tectonic’s most famous product is the pro-homosexual propaganda play, “The Laramie Project.” Tectonic claims that "Laramie" is “the second most performed play in high schools and colleges.” 
Jennings’ position on Tectonic’s board once again confirms his animosity towards Bible-believing religious citizens -- and reveals one of his most important tactics for pushing the GLBT agenda in the schools.
We first reported Jennings’ direct connection to “The Laramie Project” yesterday. WorldNetDaily has picked up on the import of the Safe Schools Czar’s direct connection to this prime piece of theater propaganda.
Moises Kaufman, director of Tectonic and primary author of “The Laramie Project,” confirmed his anti-religious sentiments and branded anyone who doesn’t agree with him as a “homophobe” in a Kalamazoo “gay” newspaper (Pride Source, Feb. 28-Mar. 5, 2008). Excerpts:
Kaufman and his team crafted the play “The Laramie Project,” which has since been performed by over 100,000 people … He said the play is now the second most performed play among high schools and colleges. [Kaufman also claims the play has touched 40 million people.]
High school is the best place for this play to be performed. It is so moving to me that high school students are leading a profound dialogue in the community.”
Kaufman, who has written [Fred] Phelps into his play because the minister showed to protest Shepard’s funeral, had an observation on the controversial minister. “What he’s doing is articulating what many religious institutions feel. So much of homophobia is being fueled by religious beliefs. We still have a long way to go. There is so much misinformation.”
He said during the process of putting together “The Laramie Project,” his team noticed that about 85 percent of the time someone said something homophobic, they supported or mentioned the church a line or two down. He said that homophobia is pushing LGBT people away from religion.
“People know it’s not OK to speak certain things anymore, but they still think and act them.”
Kaufman said fighting homophobia is not work just for the LGBT community. “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”
“You better get to working on this [LGBT rights] because you don’t know if your children are going to need it.”  [Emphasis added.]
A primary funder of "Laramie" is the Rockefeller Foundation