Thursday, January 14, 2010

Corrupt ACORN Graded Coakley A+

Martha Coakley received an A+ rating from the corrupt, “criminal enterprise” ACORN for her work “fighting foreclosures” in 2008. She was one of only six AG’s to get that high grade. Coakley issued a press release (dated 6-12-08):
“I am honored to have received this recognition from ACORN,” said Attorney General Coakley.  “As our office continues to fight predatory lending practices, it is important for local, state, and federal officials, as well as others to work together to try and provide relief and real solutions to individuals who face the threat of foreclosure.”
Mark J. Fitzgibbons at American Thinker reported in September (2009):
The position of state attorney general has become a particularly big feeder, and we see many national politicians who are former state AGs. This begs the question: where ACORN has been violating laws, was it doing so with the imprimatur if not outright assistance of Democrat attorneys general, who seek to curry favor with the Democratic establishment?
That brings us to the importance of ACORN's first scorecard of attorneys general, issued in 2008, "Attorneys General Take Action: Real Leadership in Fighting Foreclosures." The 18-page report and scorecard describes attorneys' general active involvement with ACORN's policy goals on housing.
See also Fitzgibbons’ recent piece, Will Massachusetts send ACORN flunky Coakley to replace Ted Kennedy? (Jan. 14):
As attorney general, Ms. Coakley has been responsible for licensing all nonprofit organizations operating in her state, and overseeing the reporting and financial disclosures of those organizations. To the extent ACORN was operating in Massachusetts, it was doing so with the express approval of Ms. Coakley's office. Whatever ACORN's unlawful operations in Massachusetts may have been, Ms. Coakley had the authority and obligation to take actions to stop them.