Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Union Guys for Scott Brown

On the Tom and Todd show this morning (WRKO AM680), Bill Hudak (Republican candidate for Mass. Sixth Congressional Dist., North Shore) called in with a great anecdote on the Brown-Coakley debate last night.

He said that the union guys were out in force outside the building with big 4' x 8' Coakley signs. As Scott Brown arrived at the building, he went over and greeted the guys. Hudak overheard them tell Brown, "We're voting for you. We just got paid $50 to hold the signs."

When Coakley arrived, in typical arrogant liberal style, she walked right by the guys holding her signs without a word of acknowledgement.

May the best man win.

UPDATE 1-13-10: Videos confirming this anecdote at FlemingandHayes blog.